Explain this to me

Someone please explain this picture to me.


I have not seen this at any level of game play, and I can not see this as a viable combination in a raid. Has anyone seen/tested this before? Does this actually make any sense, or is something else going on here? Any response would be appreciated…


Thanks in advance!

He probably uses only mummy mummy and mummy and then spawn 1-2-3 of the other troops only to show you that he did a “normal” raid.

I think he did this just to show you he is able to beat you even just with the mummies.

Or second probability: he uses other troops to do quests  :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah , I’m with oPelle on this one since tin is using 3 offensive spell so raiding with mainly mummy cant be effective especially since hes got 100%+ scream boost

almost all of my attacks for like the last 2,000 moving to 3,000 trophies consisted of me using Gargoyles, Mummies and Ogres…  always walked through kingdoms no problem :wink:

also lvl 4 gargoyles a literally the bomb :sunglasses:

I’m sorry for your loss horkos(the trophies) and I gotta give you props for the title, it gets people to come to this thread

Trophies come and go, Silver. No harm no foul as far as I’m concerned. I’m more disappointed in them for the thought, not the action itself. Much respect lost… Still, I find it hard to believe that he beat my base with paladin and gargoyle. Or even more strange, only mummy. My base is not the hardest by any means, but I am sure anyone will tell you that it is not easy either.


Gasp****** :open_mouth:

tin is just taunting you, don’t let him get to you

You can spam endless amounts of knights, and maybe archers, but anything more expensive than that is hard to mass-spam I guess… 


Besides, gargoyles on high lvl will mostly get (frost-slowed and) slaughtered before they can deal their damage. And even if some survive and can explode properly, their actual damage isn’t that large anymore compared to 4k-health knights (or temporarily about 7k, when wolf-howl-buffed), 20k-health wolves and 30k-health boosted-bomb-towers etc… so you’d need many gargoyles detonating at nearly the same time. And arblaster heal might still keep some hostile troops alive… 

Plus you can’t really build up an army for continuously damaging hostile units or structures, as gargoyles one-shot attack and die, so you’d most probably still need some other units instead of a pure gargoyle spam. 

Also, speaking about the need for other troops - max lvl boosted barricades are beasts to beat through. Boosted knights kill them very quickly, but without those it’s generally hard to push through in time. If you only/mostly have suicide bombers that happily explode themselves to damage some across-path single troop, you will have a hard / impossible effort with bringing down the obstacles on time. 


Thus, if at all, gargoyles might have a very small niche as support troop, not as main troop. Though, about every high lvl player will keep telling you they’re useless, so probably they are (in high lvl raiding). :grinning:

The picture above shows some nice effort I guess, but I bet the paladins and gargs were only used in small or neglectible quantities, with a very strong focus on mummies, which are quite powerful.