Exploiting Trophy System

This is just a sample of a lvl 70 king who just keeps on hiding in 500 trophies to avoid attacks. Will attack players constantly and his base will not be offering anything due to low trophies. Flare might want to do something about players that are exploiting the trophy system.


can flare do something about players that hide in extremely low trophies just to evade attacks?

Totally agree, really need to do something where the Kings level is used instead of just trophy amount.

Agree, but it won’t stop stripping the proxy accounts held by many are far lower level than the main account, thats why they use it for stripping, fill it full of hems and scroll away. Just linking king level might actually be a negative as the algorithm will think they have done really well in a battle despite scrolling from start to finish. Take 10% trophy gains off for each scroll used, that would have more effect. if you ate higher level and scroll twice to beat another higher level king worth say 8 trophies you would lose 1.6 trophies (round it up or down its irrelevant) However if you ate a low level stripping account trying to burn up 50 trophies and use 8 scrolls 80% off, 10 trophies gained, 10 scrolls 0 gained. Its fair to the defender and does not punish the attacker too harshly. 

Just like trophies, giving only like 10 trophies if the attacker and defender has a big diff.

This idea should also be implemented to gold of an attacker and defender with a big difference.

The player in the pic above exploits this trophy system to its limits.

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Dicktd’s more likely at lvl.80s now, cos he can beat lvl.80s king’s bases. Don’t buy his atachment at my post regarding to AlexXu problem, that’s his old screenshot. As dicktd and Alexxu level up, this dicktd guy can not do 100% at AlexXu base anymore (search and see AlexXu post at Sy Go FB Group, AlexXu attacks history screenshot) He raided me too yesterday, again.,Everytime i’m sharing my gold, he comes and ruins my loots for other plyrs. This sick-narcistic-disgusting dicktd really tries to draw some attentions from us? :angry:

He said he was 73. No way to confirm

do you think that your base can stand again king level 80? with level 80, your base is down now. only a game but you think too much

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