Exposing jumpers

So you’ve invited a player into your strong alliance after repeated requests, you’ve built him up and shown him a good base design, he’s gained 1000 trophies since he entered (and in just one week), and then he publicly makes a request to join another alliance. He jumps 4 alliances in less than 2 weeks. And he puts in a sub-par performance during war.


Do you expose a player like that? Especially among top 100 alliances, you’d like to reserve spots for people who want to stay. Recruiting makes you to select among candidates, and recruiting a jumper forces your alliance lose out on other great players.


Personally, I’d like to make a list of jumpers. I know I’d love to know who they are. They’re bad for the game, bad for alliances who actually care about their members (breeds suspicion), and bad for top alliances that want a stable roster during war.


So, should we expose them on this forum? Or just let word of mouth do its job?

We should because if there is someone like me jumping around alliances the whole world will be in chaos! Jk… we should expose him to inform other alliances about this jumper abusing the privilege of bieng in an alliance.

In my opinion jumpers have no self respect.jumpers can be of many types.few of them are:-

1-those who are not finding any suitable alliance to grow themselves.they are jumping from alliance to alliance in search of better opportunities.but once they find a good alliance they will remain with that alliance,no matter what.imo we can tolerate these type of jumpers.

2-in continuation with first,they are those type of jumpers who are in very good alliance but then also when they receive invitations from another higher rank alliance,they immediately left their current alliance.

3-they are those type of jumpers who immediately demand for a good position say general in alliance,immediately after they join any alliance.these type of jumpers got kicked by many alliances,infact alliances make them jump.

4-they are those type of jumpers who don’t know how to behave in an alliance or those can’t take a joke.they are kicked by alliances from time to time for their inappropriate behaviour.but then also they didn’t change their behaviour and jump from alliance to alliance.

5-they are those type of jumpers who likes back stabbing.they like to move from alliance to alliance.

Except number one,we must expose all other types of jumpers.

Note-in some cases alliances are also responsible for promoting jumping.because those alliance who kick their low rank players immediately when any high rank player want to join them.then player left with no choice to search for another alliance.back stabbing in this case is done by alliance not by player.

If we make a list, I have a few stipulations:

  1. It should be for players 3,000+. There are tens of thousands of players below that, and those players also come a dime a dozen, so that would make the list long and often pointless. I think we should expose the 50 highest-ranked jumpers, at most.

  2. If we make a list, we need to have an OP who adds their names to his OP. I don’t want to have to scroll through 50+ posts looking for the player I’m interested in. It needs to be short, concise, and in alphabetical order (though with an asteric beside the names of new jumpers so that we can tell where the list’s been changed.



Please tell me you are talking about Edgar Wallance!



Everyone calm down with this idea of exposing people that is not what the forums are for.

There is more to this story than Blookie Bloo is telling you and if you heard it all you wouldn’t be agreeing with this idea I am sure.


He isn’t the victim his main post is trying to get you to believe he is lol.


I agree with those requirements.


The hard thing about making a list of jumpers is corroborating the jumping by multiple alliances. It’s hard to make a demonstrable case because it’s hard to know why one member left the other alliance. But if a person leaves an alliance days into it for another higher ranking one, and serializes that behavior, that’s messed up. I have no problem making others aware of that, but I’m still hung up on whether it should be word of mouth or formalized when enough complaints circle around. 


How many jumpers has my alliance had in the war?  


I like you, CHILD, and you make a lot of really great posts here. But Edgar isn’t a jumper, so there’s a different story here, and I’ve never seen anyone complain about him.


lol, Silver. We’ve been fortunate to have you call out jumpers on this board, saving us an invite that we’ve used on great players. I’m happy that you and others tell us before we enlist people. The question is how to formalize the process. I can’t think of a simple enough way to do that other than what you’ve done in the past, which is just to ask people, “Are you going to actually this time?” like I’ve seen you stay before. But taking a person’s word for it can only go so far. 

People come and go to alliances all the time. The only information I have is information anyone can find.


But you are mad at someone who leaves you’re alliance when most likely every member of your alliance came from another.


They are only hoppers when they leave you? But not when they join you? You may be too sensitive when it comes to people leaving.

People are more likely to exit when they hear about your “leave and be raided constantly” policy so they have no choice but to go to a stronger alliance for protection.

Especially if you are going to post there names all over the forums and tell people “this guys a jerk for leaving my alliance don’t accept him” have a shred of integrity people.


Maybe they prefer to converse in there own language and can’t find a top alliance that speaks there language.

Maybe someone in your alliance offended them.

Maybe they wanted an alliance with more relaxed rules and that alliance happened to be higher rank then you.

Maybe they are 12 and don’t understand loyalty concepts in an app game so they are just trying to rise in the ranks.


I’m assuming you hold a leadership role in your alliance. Try welcoming each member and not threatening to raid them and post there names on your own personal blacklists. When only you and god know if they are deserving of being blacklisted there is a big problem there.



I am speaking to everyone in this thread. Think twice before posting someones name here because you may be thinking you are “Exposing Jumpers” when I see people who need to stop complaining and send out a few invitations.

And if you hate hoppers so much know that everyone in your alliance is obviously a hopper if you’re not there first alliance.

Try only inviting people not in an alliance already. Then you may have dog in this fight.


That really makes a lot of sense. The language thing makes a lot of sense, and many of the people who leave do fit that description, but others are truly jumpers regardless of language. But maybe I’m taking the game too seriously. :slight_smile:


(And I don’t know if you were referring to anyone in particular, but we don’t have a “leave and we will raid you” policy, except as an inside joke. :slight_smile:

I didn’t mean you specifically when I made the comment about “leave and we will raid you”

I just mean that someone can be scared of being hit for leaving an alliance with a tight nit group because anyone can hit anyone in this game.


That used to be my policy til i made a thread similar to this one and I got set straight. People didn’t want to talk with me on the forums because I was being a jerk. I thought I was being fair.

When I made that thread I talked to other people who started hitting people for leaving and I realized how I sounded.



If anything I’m speaking from experience. It’s not worth alienating current members because someone left.

That will only double your losses.

There are some exceptions for my jumpers being that some members are clearly of another nationality making it difficult for them to communicate of fit it but some jumpers above 3,000 are annoying because I’ve had members, that I’d like to name and rat them out, that come in and talk and praise the Alliance, We help them out and improve their bases and a few days later they leave to Alliances in the 150s and above.  It’s annoying because loyal 3,000 players with decent donations are hard to come by without taking from other Alliances.


Anyways my main thing is that I believe these members should be allowed and should be exposed and ostracized until they learn their lesson to stick with an Alliance before using them and hurting them.

There obviously seem to be some arguments for and against exposing “jumpers”, and various different reasons and types of “jumpers”, and as the left alliance, you don’t always know the reasons why one left you. 

One very important point, IMHO, for defining what is a “jumper” at all, is the quick repetition of the join-leave circle. Switching alliance once in a game-life, or once every 3 months does not seem like especially “evil” or “punishable” behaviour to me, neither does temporarily visiting other alliances when communicated to and agreed on by everyone involved.

So, when talking about “exposing jumpers” or anything similar, I think it is important to only talk about those who jump often and frequently, and don’t have any strong reasons (like language barriers and searching for proper alliance to chat in their native language) for it, but only do it for abusing others to gain personal advantages.

And then, again, it’s hard to know the reasons, and of course it is lots of work to basically observe if any of those who left you does then quickly join and leave several other alliances, to see if they really jump frequently, or just did it once for whatever reason. And then ask yourself, is it worth constantly tracking all those who left you for two weeks or so, only to see if they really are “jumpers” in the more narrow sense? I think not.

Wrong accusations aren’t any useful either, for many obvious reasons. 


So, if you really want to publicly expose jumpers, then you really need to be careful whom to expose and about whether the accusation is actually true, basically limiting this to a very low number of notorious jumpers, which then might have very limited practical use in total. 


Summing up: There might be a few players who deserve being mentioned/exposed, but generally I don’t think that’s the way to go on a bigger scale, hence I wouldn’t advocate for putting lots of effort into a listing and monitoring system for “jumpers”. 

Since it sounds like it is approved to do so.  Here are some Alliance hoppers and hysterical members:


  • moayadmandob1
  • ANDY_1488
  • muadz888 : Now left Us for MercLend’s Br- Edit now Allianc-less but attacking Our members
  • alt_next_step2 : Literally hopped 3 Alliances and 500 spots on the Alliance Leaderboard in 10 minutes.

Shameful of these people, I believe if you’re going to hop you should at least warn people because it harms Alliances greatly when they do this without notice or anything and after We help them.  Tired of the low integrity and low blows by Alliances.


Yeah. It would really be only “The Most Notorious List”, not just who jumped just a few alliances in the course of half a year. 


What I have found is that these jumpers seem to end up in a bad alliance after a while, or no alliance at all. Their anti-social behavior catches up with them eventually, I guess. 

Let me continue about Muadz888 his story about jumping alliances.


The story continues, after leaving MercLend’s, he joined Bulgarian alliance, because they had elite blaster and he stayed there untill blaster elite was gone. And indeed, after the boost was off, he immeditely switched alliance again, like he left ours. Master Diaz and I spended a lot of gems to keep boosts for mummy and blaster active for three more days during war season and that’s why we became second. He kept being abnormal friendly but we got eliminated after day 2 in next war season, so we decided not to keep spending gems for keeping those boosts, it was just too costly. A few minutes after those boosts became inactive, he left our alliance. Lord of the lords is now his team.


I normally don’t like to nail a player on the wall, but this person is a real snake. When he joins he is very friendly with “Yes sir, I will sir. Off course sir”, but as soon as the elite boosts are over he leaves the alliance what is his good right. But I don’t like that he also stabs a knife in the back by attacking former members who even helped him to improve his defense a lot and treated him like a team member.


I don’t actually follow his jumping activity, but because he always keeps on attacking me and other of my team members, we get aware of his jumps. I don’t worry about him, he only wins because of those boosts and trophies mean nothing to me. Without boosts he would not even be a challenge and make no chance at all, that’s why I refuse to counter attack him for the moment, just a waste of food.


Within a week my swordrain will be level 9 and then I am going to upgrade my defense, so that his blasters will be killed by my skull towers. When my sword rain is ready even frenzy blasters won’t help this player any longer and then I am going to make an exception for this ‘sweet’ person, normally I only attack very weak persons if they keep bothering my team.


I just want to warn alliances for this person. If you want to be the next target of this person, then please send him an invitation as soon as you have elite blaster. As soon as boost is gone, you will pay the price and be on his favorite list.

The old list I posted above will remain but I have another addition for those looking for loyal members and don’t want to risk having members jump ship or leech of your collective riches.  One new addition:

  • xXAtlas1000Xx : otherwise known as Atlas or Silver on the forums.  He is a kind forum member but a moocher on the game; he mainly desires Alliances that keep 24/7 boosts with Archers.  He joined Us in December and very recently this week but left for an Alliance ahead of Us for their boosts and War winnings.  He may fool you with kind words but be wary as he works back up to the 100s.

such mean words just make me smile :slight_smile:

I 100% agree, I’m mean and mental and in need to go to an asylum for this crime