Extend boosts on buildings

Can you make it so we can extend the duration of boosts on buildings, instead of having to wait until the boost is over to reactivate it? 


Here’s the situation:

It’s 2AM and I’m going to sleep. So I fill my Blacksmith with very expensive items to melt during the entire night
BUT, the Blacksmith boost is not gonna be active during the entire night, in fact, it’s ending in about 1 hour:


And I’m not gonna stay awake until 3 in the morning only to reactivate the boost, so my Blacksmith is gonna have to be unboosted until I wake up 
That’s a big waste during a Blacksmith event  :slightly_frowning_face:

Exactly the same happened to me last night, It would be nice to have that option when is close to the end, even if it’s only available to extend it with gems.

Yup, the same also happened to me last night.

I was melting a pro-item and there was only  2hours left of boost, so the time remaining to melt it… was huge.

My phone is now charging at work and I still have to wait 2 hours to reactivate it.

Props for the idea @Darkerion, that would be really useful! 

Moving this to interesting ideas.



Allowing us to cancel a boost (and then watch a new ad to activate it) would also work.

Yes, it would. But not as effective

Having to cancel 6 hours of boost only to reactivate it when you wanna have it running during the entire night would be a big waste. And some people sleep more than 8 hours per night, so extending it would be a way better solution