Extended path

I think the paths should be able to be extended so I think we should be able to buy an extended path by gems

Max path lenghth is 27, any higher than this will screw the game mechanics.

Ya…and I think to the top 10 level…if they could extend the path, I should have an airplane to reach their castle!!  :wink:


Definitely no to that!

Exactly. The higher level gameplay would become focused on path length more than anything else if there would be major extensions of the max path length.


So if there’d be an increase in max path length, it should be tied to the castle gate level. Castle gate lvl 8 has 27 path tiles, as have lvl 9, 10, 11, 12, 13.

Some minor increase there might be ok if the raiding time would be extended, too. I am not sure since what point in the game, but the time limit gets to 2:40min way before the max levels of gate etc. So having an increased time to balance out the longer paths might be just fine.

You guys are always against me :angry:

That’s not correct!

I am against a pay-to-extend-your-path feature and I am against unbalanced path length increases.

Though I am neither against you, nor against balanced (e.g. by adjusting the raid time limit accordingly) path length increases.


As usual, said what I would say better than me…  :grinning:

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Still going against my idea

Me too…200 gems 

your idea has a few flaws is all as you havent seen the top bases quite yet :slight_smile:

Not a good idea!

Or maybe from 27 to 30 for ALL STOP,

so this would mean one more level for castle’s gate !

castle gate already got new level recently taking HP to 64k , another level won’t be good

Sounds interesting :slight_smile:

This topic is still here… Wierd

i like you adaptation of the idea quite well but would need a cap point somewhere