Extending time until players are displayed as "inactive" based on trophy count?

i want to extend the active players around it’s trophy range and just beginners…


trophy around 800+=“3day’s to become inactive”(because some new beginners are unlikely/bored to this game)




trophy around 1500-2000=7 days to become inactive"(maybe some players quit the game cause they aren’t have gems/resources anymore. and they are really hard getting lead on leagues and hard to find winning loots)




trohpy around 3000-4000+=“1 month to become inactive”(maybe because they are addicted to the game),

this may results to become inactive

-their device are accidently damaged/crashed.

-their acc are hack due to thieves, and waiting for a long time flare will respond to their lost account.

-they will take a rest and have vacation for a long time.

-they are grounded/being punished by their parents for a long period of time…



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I’m not sure what you’re really talking about, can you please be more clear king joelie

I think he is saying the period of time one must be inactive to be tagged inactive in the game should differ depending on your trophies

I don’t see a reason why something like that should be needed.

It’s not flare that makes a player inactive - it’s the player himself that doesn’t play for a specific period of time. And he IS inactive no matter what the reason for that is.

Flare only changes the state to inactive. The player doesn’t really lose anything by getting flagged inactive (which he is).

Changed title to be more meaningful (before it was “Extending days”).


So you suggest to extend the time until players at your level are flagged inactive to one month just because you recently got grounded for one month?



Agreeing with mjbe. No matter what the reasons are, inactive players are inactive. Displaying them as such seems appropriate to me.


Moreover, being flagged inactive means no one can further attack you, which is good. The only advantage you have from being not flagged inactive is a higher chance of not getting kicked out of an alliance. However, probably if you aren’t online for a week and don’t progress or donate at all, they’ll eventually notice you’re inactive anyways, so you might still get kicked. Plus being still flagged as active but not donating might create the impression of “this guy wants to enjoy the advantages of the alliance, but is not willing to donate anything to help expand the alliance”, which in many alliances leads to getting kicked sooner or later.


Thus, a lot more useful might be simply talking to the alliance members and especially your alliance leader and explain the situation to him. Maybe he can agree to let you inside until the month is over or to let you join again after you can be active again. Otherwise, I guess there are plenty of alliances by now, so you’ll surely find a new alliance later. 

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They do actually, in case they are leaders and want to go to a ski vacation or a summer one on an island, they have to negotiate the shift of the leadership of an alliance and it might happen they won’t get it back. For this I think 7 days is a bit of overkill :slight_smile: