Extra button in attack

Hi,I want suggest you to add button in attack to choose which thing we wanna our units attack.

Before we get to the gate choose between building/enemy units.

At gate we choose between gate/statue and enemy units.


i think a lots of player will love to see the same system like a RTS game. Left click to select them and something like Shift + 1, Shift + 2,etc… so in a ways like Starcraft

Create a group, select a group and give them order

I means if you have by example Minotaur,Siren,Trebuchet and Griffin. You can click Shift +1 to select all Trebuchet and click on Nyx after click Shift +2 to select Siren to attack Lapedos. Shift +3 Minotaur to destroy barricade,etc…

At least the game will be more fun then just random luck