Extra button in attack

Hi, I want to suggest that something like this is added to the game, that by holding the button, the units were automatically released. Not to click x times.

video-1543094354 (1).mp4

I think in this method we don’t know how many units are spanned. By pressing each time we know the exact count of some big morale troops.

Sometimes is mix of troops might be needed like 2 cannons, 5 archers, 1 Monk etc. By pressing each time we know this count.

Yes, for small morale units we need to press lot of times

You misinterpreted it. I did not mean something like that, holding the button immediately, releasing 16 warriors.



The warrior would be released every 0.3s, holding down the button for 1.5s, 5 warriors would be released.

And immediately after 1.5s we can press another unit in the same way.