I’m OnanO general pf ItalianFury, we have a problem:

some members of our ally are not able to make extra donation using the gemms.

the members having problem are:

  • il re ditalia

  • FiglioDiAres 

  • Season White Rose

Is it a bug or how they can fix it? Pls we need extra donations to grow up and upgrade our alliance.

Waiting your news… thank you

ciao @OnanO it is a problem whit Microsoft, same problem for me

it is not the fault of flargames

about our members nobody ise microsoft:

2 users IOS

1 user ANDROID

ok sorry 

? no what sorry, like this we know that the problem happen in all the OS ?

To donate with gems, they need to make a real purchase for gems first. :slight_smile:

But sometimes happen also to me, and i always bought… are u sure depend from the gems purchase?

As @ataide mentioned, this depends on whether the players have made a real money purchase or not. If they have not, they cannot use the Gem donation.

Hi Morgan, thx for your anwser…

thats why happen to lots of memebr also with different OS.

Thank you