Extra features

First of all those ideas are not really new but will help the top end kings to have something new to do (a reason to play not just to sign in and out) and the low lvl kings to start desire new achievements (not just the normal quests).


<<< A new trader >>>

Should be a place where you can spend gems, pearls, items or vouchers to get something better like trading items/pearls/vouchers/gold for gems and/or a combination of them


<<< Black Market >>>

This market appear after a certain level randomly after you have a successful attack. It last only 24h

  Should help the kings with improvements for items, perks, towers, obstacles, troops or dungeon. When i mean improvements i have in mind something to speed them up or improve their stats at a reasonable costs or even cheaper if you are lucky


<<< Temple >>>

This place appear after a certain level randomly after you have a successful attack. It last only 24h

Should contain some number of challenges like defeat the Ogre (with his small army), Mummy (with her small army), Arblaster…

You will need the help of your friends from alliance (a limited number like 6) since you are allowed to do only one successful attack (small number of attempts, 3 or 4)

After you win you will receive some bonuses and your friends receive either pearls or gems or gold or items


<<< Challenges >>>

Each day you’re allowed to have a certain number of challenges that lead you to some rewards: items etc


<<< Campaign >>>

This is so epic and still so desired by many that you should think seriously of it. It will bring you a nice story and will help you improving yourself and find new things 


<<< Daily events >>>

Will give you the chance to have something each day. Like double xp for the first x attacks or double pearls for the first x attempts of melting etc…


<<< Layout >>>

The kingdom looks already to crowded so why not expanding it a bit so you can have place for new buildings 

Also you should have an option to save a specific path design (this was mentioned in some previous posts)


<<< Dungeon >>>

Should have some new chambers for higher level kings. All the chambers with gold and gems should refresh daily!



Hope this will help you with some ideas (probably you already have in process of development some of them). If you find them useful i expect some gems :slight_smile:


IGN: Morokotoco

Alliance: mYm

I like




hi my friends flaregames .

suggestions and idea, place a new deputy chief who has the same functions as the leader.

that’s my idea of suggestion .

thank you and friendship of the game .

@+jimmi 03 .

so do you mean they are pretty much co-owners? 

just that my friend Atlas …

I agree that must be in the game as soon as posible

I agree with daily events, more levels on dungeons, and traders

+1 , Innovative ideas…will make game more enjoyable

Too true.