Extreme trophy dumping, what's the angle?

So I was searching for a specific user last night, and I noticed at the bottom of the results list was someone with _zero_ trophies. I thought that was pretty unlikely, so I took a look at their base (expecting to find something fairly basic). But this user had a fairly complex defense, with multiple strong waves (including arblasters, which means throne room 6 at a minimum). So clearly this person is engaging in some extreme trophy dumping.

My question is why; or more specifically, what is this enabling them to exploit? The best I can think is that they are directly attacking higher ranked players that they can beat, and somehow getting more medals or gold than they should as a result. But I thought that loophole was supposed to be fixed? Maybe not?

I lost on purpose to this person 3 times, just to screw with what they are doing, and brought them up to around 100 trophies. This morning they are back down to 1 trophy again. So they are clearly very actively working to keep their trophy count at zero. Why?

maybe to keep tabs on the amount of active players im personally curious to that :slight_smile:

That number appears to be around 350,000. I don’t think that’s why they are doing it though. They have high upgrades and have won multiple tiers of tournaments. They’re clearly working hard at upgrading their king.

For fun I created a couple throwaway kings on a spare PC and drove them up to almost 200 trophies. They were back down to zero again just a few hours later.

I’m thinking they’re doing it to protect their gold, almost like a permanent gold shield. They’ll basically never show up in matchmaking, no one anywhere near their trophy level can come close to beating them, and no one who can beat them will get more than a few thousand gold due to the trophy difference. Plus the anti trophy dumping algorithm reduces the maximum crowns you can lose to them over time, so even if someone finds them and uses them for a trophy dump, there are diminishing returns and they’ll eventually move on to a better dump. It’s really pretty smart if it works…

sounds like it if you put that much thought into it but i must say im rather disappointed that there is only 350k players :slightly_frowning_face:

Tell me his ign