Extremely low loot offered from random matches...

May I ask if what causes the game to offer very low loot from random matchmaking. I never had experienced this low ever since playing this game for so many months. Just last week upto now I’ve seen so many bases that offer me even lower than 10k gold, thats 10 out of 20 bases, maybe 7-8 of it offer lower than 100k gold. My king is just lvl 44. It’s really frustrating to play now.

been noticing that. have to do manual hunting to get a decent payday. I hate work!!! :angry:

For me , loot offered from matchmaking is almost 5-60k max . Why so low loot ??

It used to be 100k above before .

There should have extra bonus reward for random matches system.

There are currently some issues with the internal matchmaking. We are thinking about potential solutions for this to make sure that players are getting decent rewards when using matchmaking.





My treasure chamber is supposed to protect 450k but even when i have only 5k people attack me and get money

I think I am the only one who doesn’t have a problem about match making. But yeah increasing the loot even more would be great 😄


It is possible that the gold is stolen from the Taverns. Collect it regularly to make sure it’s save in the Treasure Chamber.

Without Gold Shield you still be looted even your gold is low than number of gold which Treasure Chamber said to protect, But you won’t lost much as when you have gold more than Treasure Chamber said to protect anymore.


…I think.

Thanks for the help. I appreciate it.

I had been wondering that as well. 


Jona:  Something for your team to consider – gold stolen from taverns is not something that is obvious.  Nor is it obvious why gold gets stolen even when your gold total is under the treasure chamber protection threshold.  You might consider adding an in game way to discover and understand that.  Or make tavern gold invunerable, but provide a very slight increase in treasure chamber gold stolen to compensate.

I dont know why but a guy attacks me 100% but gets 91 coins only. I mean why attack me for 91 coins.  

@Maxile:  Two thoughts

  1. That might be the amount you lost, not the amount your opponent gained.
  2. He might be trying to win a tournament.  When I am trying to win a league, I often don’t care if I get a penny from a base, my focus is attacking a base for the most possible medals that I feel I can reliably win without spending gems.


I don’t know how gold reward work but likely gold reward isn’t only base on our gold but also Treasure Chamber’s level.

At max Treasure Chamber’s level has reward around 200k-300k, I think.

Thanks for the help.


Agreed. We are considering adding it to our FAQ for now.

yeah, good idea.

@Jona : Thanks for the feedback. Hope you can fix this.

I really appreciate how you guys(devs) respond to the players’ concerns. That is one of the things why I like and enjoy playing RR2. Keep it up…

One think the new update changed is the max loot. Its good update to not loose more than 500k for the defender, but offense should see the loot like earlier. All those million plus lucky raids are now gone. I can only find like 650k max on a raid. I think attacker should not have this restriction.

@Desihero:  I may disagree somewhat (this depends on the exact algorithm used). 


If it works like:

  • Defender has 1.5 M gold to lose
  • Player 1 raids defender and loots 500 K
  • Player 2 raids defender and loots 500 K
  • Player 3 raids defender and loots 500 K
  • Player 4 raids defender and loots 150 K (or whatever default is)

If that is the case, then I am fine with the current system.  You may not get your amazing raid.  But you are 3x as likely to get a really good raid.


If it works like


  • Defender has 1.5 M gold to lose
  • Player 1 raids defender and loots 500 K
  • Player 2 raids defender and loots 175 K
  • Player 3 raids defender and loots 170 K
  • Player 3 raids defender and loots 150 K

Then I am less happy.


Also keep in mind that there is less gold overall available to raid due to Treasure Chamber protection.  (Now that may merit some re balancing of default loot or other tweaks to the loot algorithm).


Perhaps the biggest question is:  Is the same amount of gold overall in the system being transferred or is it less now? (And this should probably be asked multiple times for various sub-populations such High trophies, mid trophies, max throne room, mid throne room)