Extremely low loot offered from random matches...

I had been wondering that as well. 


Jona:  Something for your team to consider – gold stolen from taverns is not something that is obvious.  Nor is it obvious why gold gets stolen even when your gold total is under the treasure chamber protection threshold.  You might consider adding an in game way to discover and understand that.  Or make tavern gold invunerable, but provide a very slight increase in treasure chamber gold stolen to compensate.

I dont know why but a guy attacks me 100% but gets 91 coins only. I mean why attack me for 91 coins.  

@Maxile:  Two thoughts

  1. That might be the amount you lost, not the amount your opponent gained.
  2. He might be trying to win a tournament.  When I am trying to win a league, I often don’t care if I get a penny from a base, my focus is attacking a base for the most possible medals that I feel I can reliably win without spending gems.


I don’t know how gold reward work but likely gold reward isn’t only base on our gold but also Treasure Chamber’s level.

At max Treasure Chamber’s level has reward around 200k-300k, I think.

Thanks for the help.


Agreed. We are considering adding it to our FAQ for now.

yeah, good idea.

@Jona : Thanks for the feedback. Hope you can fix this.

I really appreciate how you guys(devs) respond to the players’ concerns. That is one of the things why I like and enjoy playing RR2. Keep it up…

One think the new update changed is the max loot. Its good update to not loose more than 500k for the defender, but offense should see the loot like earlier. All those million plus lucky raids are now gone. I can only find like 650k max on a raid. I think attacker should not have this restriction.

@Desihero:  I may disagree somewhat (this depends on the exact algorithm used). 


If it works like:

  • Defender has 1.5 M gold to lose
  • Player 1 raids defender and loots 500 K
  • Player 2 raids defender and loots 500 K
  • Player 3 raids defender and loots 500 K
  • Player 4 raids defender and loots 150 K (or whatever default is)

If that is the case, then I am fine with the current system.  You may not get your amazing raid.  But you are 3x as likely to get a really good raid.


If it works like


  • Defender has 1.5 M gold to lose
  • Player 1 raids defender and loots 500 K
  • Player 2 raids defender and loots 175 K
  • Player 3 raids defender and loots 170 K
  • Player 3 raids defender and loots 150 K

Then I am less happy.


Also keep in mind that there is less gold overall available to raid due to Treasure Chamber protection.  (Now that may merit some re balancing of default loot or other tweaks to the loot algorithm).


Perhaps the biggest question is:  Is the same amount of gold overall in the system being transferred or is it less now? (And this should probably be asked multiple times for various sub-populations such High trophies, mid trophies, max throne room, mid throne room)



My understanding is different from yours.


  • Defender has 3.0M gold with 750k protected.
  • Player 1 raids defender and loots 500k from defender. He is probably getting around 650k, which I think should be atleast 1.125 mil (Half)
  • Player 2 raids defender and loots 50k from defender. He is probably getting around 150-200k.
  • Player 3 raids defender and loots 25k from defender. He is probably getting around 100-150k.
  • Player 4 raids defender and loots 10k from defender. He is probably getting around 100k.
  • All future raids are similar till the reset time (3hours?)
  • Player 5 raids after reset and loots 200k from defender. He is probably getting around 300K.
  • Player 6 should be similar to player 2
  • Player 7 should be similar to player 3 etc.

My only issue is player 1 should get 1.125 mil in this case not 650.

Who wanna try so that we really know? :wink:

A lot of players have been noticing low loots overall. Esp now I’m going up the ranks the most I can get is 200k, every attack drops the gold by 25%. Just after 3 attacks the best gold I can get is around 80k?? How am I and the rest of the players suppose to work with that?

You wanted players to climb up the ranks. I went top50. You know what I got? Loot became total crap. From around 250k uncommon before the best I can get is 200k and those players are hard.

I hope you can actually fix the loot system. The higher you go the worse the LOOTS are…getting bored going no where. To add insult to injury, I’m gettin only 3-5 videos per day? People are getting bored. Bad loot no food no play no more interest.

Yeah, the diminishing gold returns on back-to-back raids (against different players) makes absolutely no sense to me. If they don’t want you doing this, then what’s the point of the silo? Is it there for no other reason than as a way to make money on people refilling their silos to win tournaments? This mechanic is really punitive when you’re trying to earn enough gold for one of those 3 million+ upgrades.

Anyway, one more gripe about the matchmaking system is that it offers an awful lot of lowbie players that are only worth 5k gold and almost no trophies or medals. No sane person would waste their food on those fights. Is this on purpose as a way to drain gold from the economy, or a bug? Or are there not enough people playing anymore to offer good matches? Or are too many people using free gold shields? Whatever the reason, it would be nice if it were fixed, because if it costs 40-50k from searching for new matches to find an opponent that’s 1) giving good loot, and 2) not a trophy dumper so they are actually beatable, then the matchmaking system is a waste of time and gold.

I realized that matchmaking seems to be too sesnitive to your trophy Count. ~ 100 trophies too few and you find this no-Little loot opponents 100 trophies too high and you find too tough opponents.

I suggested once to allow with Matchmaker to “Tune-up or down” difficulty Level with an up or down arrow. or better would be to select opponents using similar criteria as used for calculating loot instead of just trophies.

Bump; This is still a problem… I rarely find ANYONE above 200k gold reward… maybe after circling, i dunno, 50 times… 

Mostly only people around 10-20k… and that makes it a long way up to the millions it costs to do anything… I’ve been kind with gems so this isnt the wall I wanna hit… 

Read something about algorithms, is it fixed or not? Doesnt seem like it…

Dunno if it’s the correct place to post, or if i have missed a later topic about this, but it’s about the same problem.





Where is the reply window… ?!? All i can do is edit…?!

Anyways… Why this gets me so tillt is that i’ve tried go down in trophies aswell, down to 1800, an playing up to 2400, 

My friend who plays is around 2000 trophies, and he frickin gets matchmakings that gives him 800k !!! And he finds these in I would say about every third press on “new player”! I have to press that button a few hundred K before I find someone that gives what I’ve spent, circling through every gamer…  And then he has all his gold boosts on that… which I also have, i have almost 100% extra gold! I wanna find out why I no longer cant find players that give that amount of gold… I did find these kind of players a few weeks ago, then something just fuckt me up I feel like… I’ve tried the leaderboards etc aswell, but have not been successful in finding someone that gives abouve 200k base gold…  and it’s the biggest pain in the ass when I KNOW I’ve found matchmaking rewards that exceeds well over 600k standard… 

And if I do find someone that gave me alot of gold at ~2450 trophies (700k gold), I dont even get through the first few towers before I die…

It’s just heartbreaking… it’s a good game… I dont wanna get put off just because the gold is hard to get just as winning the olympics without practice :confused:

What I can say its at 2,500 until around 3,500 the algorithms its more than ok. No problem in this range but what we heard about the low loot seem to be more around 4,000 trophies and more and if the algorithm its broken in this range. Flaregames must fix it. Its not normal but I am not agree when people said low loot or gold are not in the game. I still continue to thinking there is no problem at all

Like I said if Flothaboss can do it! Everyone can do it!!! gain 2 millions or 5 millions in a single raid. If someone is a really good player I think everyone can be a good player too. You need only one thing : Gold Boost Set

I am sure the gold problem its just a illusion of some player but like I said in another topic. I want to test that myself I don’t believe in that. Come one with 35% over 50% just in Alliance gold boost can give you 100k or 200k more. If you add a another 50 or 80% you can get huge amount

If the matchmaker don’t give you player who give gold take another way to find them : leaderboard,war season,ninja event,etc…

Like someone have said the problem its not the gold missing. Gold is everywhere the problem is how to obtain it? sometime you face base and you fail at 20% and got 40K or less.

If you use Gold Boost set its very hard you need to find someone who give high gold and be weak at the same time, that is the main problem. Because everyone who use Gold Boost know you don’t have scream or speed if you use full gold boost or you are lucky to find unique uber item who give like scream and gold or speed and gold,etc…without that its impossible to use full boost 

Yes its fine to say ally gold boost is good… if you can join one?

Yes you can say use your gold perks… if they are any good?

These items are moot… the base problem is the gold without these. Its about all players and not Bandaid solutions or niche solutions.

Heres my solution.

  1. Gold shields changed to insured treasury includes trophies. Yep you can raid it all you like, its insured, yes there are limits already for max raids and amount.

  2. War rewards set at ninja levels as its not player gold anyway. And people keep their treasury low so they don’t get picked on, get rid of this issue!!

  3. FG monitor this! And apply a raiding bonus if gold raids are getting low.

They need to change this so people relax more as gold is then just a matter of raiding and not only possible with shielding and immediate spend.

Wars need a major overhaul not only the coin but rewards too. One day of war can be the same as the ninja event in fights yet war is a wasteland and a pitiful couple of chests hardy worth opening. I know I would rather have a ninja styled reward system for the wars.

And gosh there may be people with coin after the war … what a novel idea.


to be honest same without gold boost its really easy solo without alliance at 2500 - 3,500. You can look my video of my 4th series. I playing solo since september and got no problem to get 500k,600k and Millions.

Like I said without boost only one option. Fight player like 10 level under you or more. I was 95 when I have playing solo and I fight player level 80 to 90

Play solo at 4000+ without boost and no alliance? sure I think its impossible or you need to have spells and units forged at +80 to compensate the non boost and able to beat same the non boosted base

The gold is all about the range of your trophies, How forged its your units, what boost your use,etc…

there is a solution for all situation :

  • You cannot beat some base because you fail at 20% and don’t get gold, find non boosted base

  • Same after that you still fail and don’t get gold, forge your units and spells

  • Same after that you continue to fail drop your trophies to beat weaker player

  • Same after that you don’t find gold or cannot obtain high gold because you have difficulty, enough simple ignore the pearls you can obtain via melting and sell all items you find in COF. the majority give between 70k and 400k


I find about 100k to 200k is the best I find and a rare 400k. I may have to go threw 30 players to find the first amounts.

I get you say this and it may just be you’re in a sweet spot… at 2500 trophies I had no problems.

2900 to 3300  its been a wasteland mostly.

Honestly I think the system is wacky I compare with a friend who is close to me what bases pay and its not half or a small percentage its 500k or 30k.

Thing is they have a matching system that only pays based on similar or better strength yet theres no way to find those players easily.