F.A.Q. Looking for new members

F.A.Q. is a competitive yet friendly alliance. Currently at L30 with 32 fiefdoms, we regularly punch above our weight in wars. We do this through a few very simple rules:


 - Everyone fights at least 3 battles in every war.

 - Everyone donates every day (min 50k)

 - Everyone says at least ‘Hi’ in chat when they login - ie Don’t be a stranger

 - Turn off alliance invite


That’s it. Pretty simple. A minimum commitment of about 30 minutes a day. Of course, we recognise people need to take time off occasionally, so we have a sister alliance you can park your butt when going on vacation etc.


We have a good long term strategy that has seem us climb from strength to strength in a short period of time - we are a relatively young alliance.


 - If you want to sit back and play every other day or so, FAQ is not for you

 - If you are not sociable and have no interest in communicating with fellow players, FAQ is not for you

 - If you think you are better than anyone else and are not a team player, FAQ is not for you


However, if you enjoy the human interaction of gaming, enjoying discussing and planning strategy AND like to win wars against alliances, then contact me in game or our Alliance leader, Marshall624. While we prefer 2500 trophies (or better) and > L70, we will carry weaker players who show commitment and enthusiasm.