Facebook app don't cancel dragon animation



This is an old issue, the Facebook app is not cancelling the dragon animation in the settings window (I already refreshed the app and clear cache):


Hi floritaka,

Thanks for reporting this. :grinning:

We are aware of the issue and it has been already added to our database.

If a fix is too complicated/too much work at the moment, isn’t it possible to set the default value to “unchecked”.

This annoyance of animation has killed me a lot lately.

This is what happens with those animations.
For the record, my king is not in this screenshot, it died somewhere at the gate next to Aska which was ready to spawn 3 canons.

But alas the animation had other plans.


I’m still unable to cancel the animation, any update about this issue?


With then release 5.0 of the game, I’ll appreciate if this issue is going to be addressed. It’s been a while since the report and still is a problem to lose control of the unit and lose time because of the animation. It’s no fun to have full HP, guardian, and spells available and found the revival bottle when the camera came back after a 4-5s animation.



I confirm that the issue is solved for me, thank you.