Facebook connect in throne room for pal chest bug

IGN: Soilwk

Device : Nokia lumia 640 window 10 and Iphone 4s IOS 7 

Problem : I noticed that i usually have to reconnect to facebook using the button in thorne room where i get pal food chest to reduce the time from 24hr to 7 hr after about 1 month or so. So today the pal chest time reset back to 24hr again and i clicked the button , the facebook login window appear and i logged in my account but the timer wont back to shorter time after connect, i click the facebook button again but it just open a blur with x icon and close very fast. I cant login to reset the timer anymore.I tried to logout and back again, even useed my iphone 4s to check but it still the same . Please have a check.




After update the new path ,i used the connect button in gardian chest collect and the pal chest connect work again

I am locking this thread as your problem is solved :slight_smile: