facebook login problem

when play from pc on facebook it keep say 

update from facebookstore

how ???

Think some gone wrong with the latest update and us that play from facebook.

I have tried del browserdata and also reinstall on facebook, what to do 

Same here and I still need to finish my Pro League. Cleared the cache of my browser but no avail.

Why do you always release these new updates when events are still on…?

Hey guys,

Does it finally work for you or is it still not working?

its still the same for me

so am pretty sad now

Hello @nickihansen

Try to log out from your Royal account in your browser and then run the app. Maybe if isn’t connected, that message shouldn’t be received I guess.



@Sasch Login via face works very well because today I checked. Not at all I can not go on the phone; /

Cleared browser cache about 8 - 9 hours ago and I was able to login in the game by Facebook.

Still had about 15 minutes in my Pro League that got wasted along with the pro chest(s) because of this issue…