Facial Customization

I heard the alliances were coming so why not also add customization for your character like hair color and style, skin color, and facial hair!


P.S With the alliances does that mean you created a team and people join? Do you get to attack with people on the alliances on one person?

If we had the choice of facial customization i would make my king look like Ragna from Vikings 

You have suggested this idea too late.By now rr2 developer should be testing it already.

I would have red pigtails like the Wendys hamberger girl.

nothing is impossible… Admin can do anything what players should suggest, just for the players :grinning:

but with the alliances can you raid one castle together?


I can see why some players would want this. But I think the actual effect in-game would be pretty minimal. It’s not like you get to see your hero’s face during battle. I will pass this on but it doesn’t have the highest priority for now.

No one else can see your face except in forums, so whats the point?