FAIL BossFrosta

They are too big, they work like a Blockade for my own units. Make them small please. Frosters are my main and only maxed unit, now that boost is destroying my attacks.

Like we have advice for many in the past : BossFrosta is more for defense than offense. Because of their range with this boost.Their seize of course will block your army if you summon too much of them. If you want to use them in offense not much than 5 or 6

if some have BossFrosta + DragoFroster this combo is not recommended together in offense. Don’t try to summon dragon. Only use them in defense

like many boost in the game BossFrosta is designed for defense only and not for offense.

If you want to use them in offense then use them alone with no other troops. not much then 5 or 6 at time

Yea I just learned this the hard way.

Lesson learned.