Fail Festival! Many won't be able to get Bella!

Looted 550 today. Pet cost 6000. No room for items! Open anything other than pumpkins and you’ll probably lose your pet!




Well if you average at 500 a day you can still get bela. Even if you get one item in one of those boxes chances are high that you still are able to afford bela. That’s assuming you get 500 on average.

Is it a 14 day Festival or what?

I didn’t say you couldn’t - I said some won’t! The variance is too poor! This hot mess needs a hot fix!

It’s 13 days festival but yes, we can get 14 chests in total so around 7000 point(?)



I got 1600 in first 2

so u will get like 10400)

Just spent some gems and buy this items)

I got less than 1k by the first two chests. As long as some day we get more than the average, we will be fine to get it. I just do my daily raids for the event and that will be enough for the pal. I only wonder why most of the pumpkin rewards are just 40+. This makes us need uber/legendary items to compensate. We will see how far we get.

Worst case we just don’t reach it, but in that case, let the pumpkins convert into gems, it’s also nice.

what do you mean the first two chest? i had one chest :wacko:

You’re lucky there. You got like 800 per chest! ? However, they’re some unlucky player who got around 500 points per chest (more or less) so 7000 point is what I predicted to be the lowest a player can get in the end (with 14 chest in total).

Nevertheless, I hope I’m the lucky one in this festival ?.

Some are really lucky. 500 is probably near the mnimum what you can get in a chest, I always get a minimum :wink:

MAy be its depends of level of king?

Count me in to the list of ‘lucky’ players. I even got an uber reward in first chest and still I ended lower than 1k pumpkins after opening 2 chests. This is exactly the reason why I asked to get rid of these random mechanics. The gap between absolute minimal (350) plus maximal reward (1200+) is just unfair. Why some get 1200+ in a chest (extremely rare) while others get not even 500 (very common).  

Nope, it doesn’t depend on level of king Cromka, in a previous festival I found over 1200 presents inside one chest, not that I needed it, but still. It has everything to do with this casino element. Inside a festival chest there is one reward minimal legendary, rest varies depending on luck. As a bonus, the odds to get a common (40+) reward are very high.

So when you are fortunate, you find multiple legendary items (very rare), but when you have bad luck, you only find one legendary item, plus rest common items (40+).  

To get less rewards would be acceptable every now and then, when the result holds reckon with previous results, unfortunately it doesn’t. I mean, if the algorithm knows your previous results and in case of scoring under the average, that chance on better rewards increase a lot. 

So one player can be at 1600, while another is still has not even 800 pumpkins. I don’t see any logic in this casino element. Why not just give 750 pumpkins inside a chest and in case we find a festival item lower our pumpkin total by 150 per found item inside that reward chest.

Is it fair that one player is extremely lucky and in theory has 6k+ items when not even half of the festival is over, while others very unfortunate not even have 6k after participating all days? I don’t see any fairness in this. Why there are even rewards given 40+ pumpkins? Nobody is waiting on that kind of reward. Minimum should be at least 80+ when just a legendary item is given and the rest common.

I know, we can buy items for gems, but once again, why we need to pay gems for something others get for free (okay, you have to participate, so not completely free)? Just because a bad designed computer algorithm decides we are unfortunate day after day? That makes no sense. Flare should at least guarantee that after participation of all days, the highest reward can be bought with those pumpkins. 450 pumpkins would be needed as minimum to realize this. 

i got 1300+ on two chest plus the pauldron, I think the pumpkins will balance out and everyone can buy Bela as long as they play enough…the other gears not good anyway, so ignore…

Just to get a view of the averages, I got 988 pumpkins from 2 chests combined.

Looks like 1 Bela OR 2-3 items for most players (or around 140 gems).

I always do bad in festivals so flaregames is probably happy that I wasn’t around for this one. I’d be making ANOTHER discussion about how unfair the battles are and how little the reward is :lol: 

i might get like 300 a chest i have 99% of bad luck


I haven’t opened my chests yet but I already know that although the gear looks great for a change, the actual item perks are quite useless for me (except the shoulders, maybe). Something to use for the vanity slot rather than wear normally.

Not really, the conversion ratio blows so you’ll be lucky if you get 100 gems from all the pumpkins you’ve accumulated.


If you get all 14 chests and average 500 pumpkins per chest you will end up with 166 gems. (7000 / 42)