failed top one still gained trophy

Today I was trying to attack top one EFang i attacked him twice 30% on his base, still got +9 trophies !!! Idont know if he lost trophies but sound unfair at all any explanation guys !!!

Its normal, its called stripping.When rank gap is too big, you get + trophies for very few %

It also depends on the amount of trophies you see, for example: yesterday I attacked someone with a difficult base that showed 27 trophies and when I attacked I failed but still got 17 trophies out of it.

Iam level 88 with 4900+ trophy it was 1400 trophy gap maybe it was that

I managed to beat ataman 17 he was rank 10 when i beat him he gave me 14 trophy he was almost same gap … Is there is some thing special about rank one !!!