Fake Oponient

i think that sistem hawe some player they benefit them i don’t won to explane how and who but you all notice during the fight that some enemy can defeat , and since they change trophy sistem now my batllefield is full off such oponient. How is it possible that my herculle day off hydra tower in secund when i hawe poison resistance 75 procent on him ??? That one example , and my batllefield is full of such enemy i lost 150trophy try to beat them , they are all higher ivy then I all hawe blesing and i don’t give a shit about trophy just i cant get resource for playing !!! What they reduce how trophy you can loose but they put you inposible oponient on batlefield ??

I didn’t observe any change in what opponents you get on your map since a very long time. There are always some very (too) easy opponents, some strong ones and some from the top level. The easy ones I usually do in auto mode or with weaker heroes to get gold and (in case of Arthemis) XP, the strong ones I take as a training for war.

There have surely been changes on the map matching recently … couple of server updates ago actually.

You get a higher number of easier opponments on average now (this has been observed both in the 15-16k range than in the 10k range directly on the map - and the alt/new/low level players are receiving way more attacks than usual - which confirms what was observed on the higher level ones). I still get higher level ones (with a little less frequency, so little that might just be the randomness), but I get way less “medium” enemies and way more definitely “weak” ones.

Also, the heroes are being sent back to the main island way more often than usual - now every 2-4 attacks at most I have an hero being sent back, while until two updates ago it was maybe once every 15-20 attacks.


Please mind, not whining about it - but changes were made for sure  (and undocumented as usual) .

Yeah it is true now my heroes are being send back after every four or five attacks and what’s more annoying in my case that my base is still being raided around 40-50 times a day. :slightly_frowning_face:

I have no idea why this is happening .The game gives so much advantage to a invader than a defender.Invader get a chance to fight the same opponent three times.Is this some kind of a joke and not mention those Invocations(which are Cheat codes sorry @CaptainMorgan but thats how I look at them and don’t use them)

I could design better defense layouts if I knew how much time a players is taking to defeat my base or what kind of troop slots they are using or what invocations invaders are using to defeat my base.

Also it will be great If battle logs does not show the activity of all invaders rather show the activity of one invader.Like how many times a player’s hero died on my defense because it is always a mess when I tried to see heroes death on my map(as it shows the death of all players who invaded my base) and not of a particular hero.

I hope Flare-games can bring such feature in some of the future update. :wink:

Nothing was changed with relation to matchmaking, nor the amount of battles it takes to have a Hero sent back. As I mentioned in my post about the changes to Trophies, even small tweaks to the system have knock-on effects. The changes we made were not very small, so they have noticeable effects.

The issues you are seeing are likely because of this.

  • More battles are being made overall, so more Heroes are being sent back.
  • High level players are doing more battles and so are burning through their pool of available opponents, meaning they start attacking lower level players.
  • Also, many more players have hit higher levels in the last couple of weeks, so the amount of active players in that area has increased quite dramatically.

We are monitoring the changes and will take action where necessary. Thanks for the good feedback.

@CaptainMorgangrants for fixes but the lost connection if we open strike no fix why?

So, if you say that more heroes are being sent back due to more battles overall … does that mean that when they attack Holydivine … it’s MY heroes being sent back ? 

Because I’m not getting more attacks than before, but my heroes are coming back definitely more often … so must be someone else being attacked that forces my heroes to come back ^^

There are two things which affect how often a Hero is sent back:

  • How many times attackers successfully   defeat you.
  • How many Heroes you already have back at Mount Olympus (the more Heroes you have on islands, the less attacks it takes to send one back).

Nothing else affects this.

Can i have one answer? 


Hi @MrCouPer, we are looking into this issue and it will be fixed as soon as we can find the solution.

Thank u this problem is basic now for fix!