falchetti: level 12 alliance LFM

Hello, we need more active players in a nearly new alliance. We got one 3th place and 2 Times first place in the 3 Wars we already had.

We want all the players to partecipate the Wars and to daily donate!

If you are an active player Level 40+ then we NEED YOU!

Search in game for FALCHETTI alliance and join us!!!

Ciccio II

We apre overwinning this war too! So we will have dragons after the war!!!

We still looking for new active players

Donations are welcome

Partecipate in the Wars is a must otherwise is a kick.


Alliance: falchetti

Ciccio II

We won again, we have 3 boosts. In need of more active players!


Alliance: falchetti

King: Ciccio II