✭ Falcon Legion ✭ Active, Social and Fun Alliance!

_ We are Falcons. We are Legion! _

The Falcon Gaming Community has set their eyes on Olympus Rising and we hope to start recruiting new players for our alliance ingame and into the community as a whole! Our community is one of the few to expand our reach to mobile gaming from its PC gaming origin! We are currently looking for members to join us in our journey to become a reputed alliance within this game!


Alliance Stats

Alliance Name: Falcon Legion

Alliance Level: 8

Member Count: 11/13

Gold Boost: 16%



  • You Donate Everyday
  • You Must Donate Everyday
  • You must be a Committed and Respectful Player
  • WhatsApp Messenger (This is Required only if you want to become an Alliance Officer/General)

That’s pretty much it!


Here is how to join us:

Either  look us up ingame “Falcon Legion” and join up,  Or  comment Below your ID so I can invite you!

If you have WhatsApp messenger however, your invitation will be given priority!

Semper Volabant!