falir fails again

Players will be presented with the opportunity to double their gold reward from their last battle by watching a video ad. These may be encountered when returning to the Castle scene after a glorious battle.


eeeehh NOT on windows ???

flare you crap company . why implent a feature that isnt there on all systems ??? its fucking anoying these kind of things … it makes the difference greater all the time …
you discriminate windows too much … if it was intended to be in windows version also and you just forgot that , then you should go shame yourself for the rest of your pitty lifes .

its realy not done to do something like this … only implent stuff that works the same on all systems … now everyone can make money with closed eyes but not windows players …

also the search player function seems to be bugged … it keeps showing the round cursor thingy and then the game disconnect… its very anoying , and we all said it before

this is so unproffesional. o sorry you are no profis you only wanna make money by doin as few stuff as possible

realy tired of this again and again and again…


another upgrade another fail.


there… there… want some kleenex? or android/ios devices?  :ph34r:

It is on Windows, been getting them today.