Fame sessions based monthly

I suggest fame sessions for 1 months periods. All battles give/loose 3 points. At the end of each session top 10, top 10 to100 (continue like this) rewarded. Of course top players get top rewards. Rewards Ican be free gems, free personal blessings (like celebration week free blessings), tower or troop hp/defence boosts, good prestige points, maybe with a new hero, maybe with a new spell, maybe one or more tower slot… 

I know top players worked hard to get that positions and fame and they must be appreciated.  They must be rewarded with huge gems, additional workers or anything best that makes really happy before starting the first session. At current situation they have nothing with pheme spell boost (arguable it is good or not)  on paper. And i believe top players again will be top too. They are most active players so they will not loose much.

And the number 1 player of the monthly competion will be the master of Month Olympus. Everybody will know him. Now he/she is god.Rewarded with  maxed 1 month celestial boosts, can command Zeus and Hades without cooldown, can equip them, can equip any hero with any spell. Does it not sound amazing?

So any of us including relatively new to game  but highly active players has a chance to show theirselves too.  It makes competition better and based not only ascension level but ACTIVITY.

And i believe fresh competition with end of session rewards, refreshed every month will make all us get more fun from game…



I am still wondering why such cool idea is never used instead of current trophy system,which is boring and do not offer any reward to active player rather punishes them with greedy Trophy hunters ???who are always attacking players with high Trophy counts and not getting attacked in return.

@CaptainMorgan Please Please Please check this idea.

I too want to feel awarded for keeping high trophies for my level.It is not fair that I am fighting opponents for three trophies while these same players are hitting me for 15 trophies.