Family Time: alliance for casual players with a life

Hi kings and queens,

We, Leopold VI, king of myself (when my girlfriend is not here of course!), announce we (I mean me) are recruiting new members (that’s you).

Alliance name: Family Time

Alliance level: not relevant. We have plenty of gold waiting for upgrades

Alliance leaderboard: not relevant at the moment

Short description: it’s an alliance for casual players with a life outside the game

Long description: I have played this game a long time. I look for players that enjoy the wars, would be able to make 3 attacks by fight most of the time, but enjoy playing for the fun and not because of the pressure of other members. 

Vision: A 8 or 9 players alliance. enough to play in wars, win and get bonuses

Minimum donation of 250K
Trophies: 2500+

We play for fun
We donate daily
We participate in wars. 3 successfull attacks by fight
We tell we (second we is me, first we is you) when we (you) cannot play
We have the sense of humor (we = you and I)

There is no pressure to anything
I will never ask you to pay for something

You are tired of beeing in a large alliance with too many rules? You want this game to be pleasure and not homework? Join we (I mean Join me)