Famine Wars

How about you do a famine war every 4th war?

No power up/boosts or alliance wealth advantage.

Still have the rewards for afterwards.

Basically it becomes man on man with the exception of alliance size but it fosters a higher level of participation as mid to small alliances can compete by higher participation and not be locked out due to every power up enabled situations. I understand there is a financial issue but there is also the joy of  a level playing field in gaming, offering this occasionally would be a nice treat for most of your users. ( and welcomed by 95% of alliances)



flare will not put this in the game.

but it is nice.

a lot of people suggest things same to this and it was not apply to the game.


95%? Are you sure? 

If you really believe this 95% number, please proof it by doing a poll.

From my point of view - being able to boost during war is critical. Our alliance save money and delay upgrades to the alliance in order to use more  boosts in war time. We play smarter and plan better. We have win alliances with double our numbers. Boosting is the only way of levelling the ground when the matching algorithm put you against stronger opponents with many more members.

I would rather suggest the opposite - provide more war boost at lower costs. Many kings has taken the time & gems to invest in upgrading their alliance tower - why penalise them with a famine war?


Yes and I do not suggest it as the norm just something that mixes the challenges up. yea power ups are nice but if its the only way you can win then ask for proxy alliances so they can fight for you… Theres nothing wrong with this an introduces a twist to a abused iap boosting system. I am not saying always or necessarily every 4th but to so this occasionally would not hurt anyone and you would have more boosts for the next war in a week.