Fan Art Collection Thread


Hi there,

I wondered if we have some aspiring artists amongst our community :slight_smile:

If you want to share your pictures (drawings, craftings… ) please do so in this thread. We might even share your piece of work on the official Facebook page (if you give us permission).



I have this one

I made it for a Halloween Event in 2015. And I won 500 gems  ")



I have many videos of drawings of RR2 characters and pals. I can share some if you’d like!


This is the knight drawing I made last year



I made Fritz in early January. Hope you like it!



I also drew the Gargoyle Tower. There are many more but these are some of my best, I think. Also, I apologize for the first minute of the video. I didn’t realize you could not see the drawing from that view lol



Love the videos! Great job on all of them :slight_smile:


I Miss having a scanner, maybe I need to ask Santa for one, for Christmas.

At home, I do cartoons of people and their pets or whatever.

I took Animation in college, which is why I like playing Royal Revolt 2.

It is just the right sort of animated cartoon fun.

(I am sure Olympus Rising is also a great game) but it is not cartoony like RR2 is.


and it seems that AwesomestKnightest is an AwesomestArtistest! :slight_smile:  


Here my FAN-Picture for your Desktop --> 1920x1024, Theme: Spooky Helloween


creation process and final result of my entry for the 2018 Halloween contest 




:zap: 5minutes with an oven toaster ・・・(Sometimes hold it down so that it does not warp with heat)

プラバン 2.PNG

That’s it for today. The research continues until I can create something I am satisfied with.(may be)


No It is plastic.

エルドラクプラバン.PNG エルドラクブレスレット.PNG

It becomes small and thick and hard.


Ah I see, gotchya! Well done! It could have also been made from sugar or so, that’s why I wondered :wink:


I have no edible inks and printers. :stuck_out_tongue:

If it is it will surely be made.


I wish you all some nice days :slight_smile:


One of the ideas that I had and didn’t use for the Skin Contest, but decided to finish and post here

Early Happy Easter! ?