Fancy-schmancy new forum features! Now with 100% more features!

Hello soon to be forum-superstars! :sunglasses:

This topic will provide you an overview of the fancy-schmancy new features that await you here!

Wiki posts:

If you have gained trust-level 2 you can make your own topic a wiki-post! This type of post can be edited by all trust-levels starting with tl1. They are therefore a collaborative type of topic.
We encourage users to create these type of wiki posts for game guides :slightly_smiling_face:.
Find the wrench icon at the bottom of the post and click it. Select “Make Wiki”.

Trust levels:

To read more about trust levels, look up this topic here:
Trust levels: Help! What is a trust level and why do I have to care?

Basic features and nomenclature:

To read more about this, look up this topic here:
Basic features and nomenclature: Basic user functions guide

Summarizing posts:

Extensive post can be summarized. The algorithm will summarize the most interesting answers as determined by the community.


Some categories have “voting” enabled. You can see it for example at the top of such a category if you can filter by votes a topic has received or if you go to an individual topic and see a possibility to give a topic a vote. We especially encourage users to use this feature for ideas. The more votes an idea will get the more it symbolizes it to us that this is an idea that is really supported and wanted by the community. You are limited in your votes depending on your trust level so choose wisely.
TL0: 2 votes, TL1: 4 votes TL2: 6 votes TL3: 8 votes TL4: 10 votes
If the topic is closed or archived, the votes are released to the users and can be applied to other topics but the vote count on the topic remains.


Flagging helps us keeping the community civil! We encourage users to use the flag feature. You can either flag a post (click on the flag symbol beneath a post) or an entire topic (click on the flag symbol at the end of a topic). Abuse of the flag feature is forbidden because it creates an unnecessary workload for our moderator and additionally flags will be shown on a user profile. It is not possible to flag staff posts :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.



If you consider the post to fit within any of these descriptions, whether the post is purposefully trying to derail a topic, is inappropriate , or is a spam account posting advertisements or potentially harmful links . You also have the option to message the user privately about the post.

This does not count as a flag and will not alert moderators.

Choose ‘ Something Else ’ if it does not fit any of these descriptions. Choosing this option will not add to the user’s ‘flag’ count, and will alert moderators to the flagged item. This option can be used as an anti-bullying tool to quietly bring abusive or inappropriate posts to the attention of the moderators.

It also allows you to give a more extensive explanation as to the reason for the flag that gives justification.

Topic template:

We have enabled topic templates in the bug section of Olympus Rising and Royal Revolt 2. Please fill out the information needed! This helps us to try to reproduce your bugs asap :slightly_smiling_face:.


You can earn badges by being active in the forum. These will be automatically given and can be found on your profile.

Mark an answer as a solution:

Some categories enable the topic owner and staff to mark a reply as a solution (for example the bug section). If you ask a question and someone gives you the answer you need, mark it as a solution. This can also be an indication to staff that they can close the topic.


Giving someone a heart shows you appreciate a comment. Share the love! This feature replaces the reactions of the old forum.

Tags and search

Please use the tags that are given you for a category when you open a topic if you feel the content matches said tag. It helps to keep the forum organized! Additionally, feel free to use the search function as often as possible! It works like a charm in this forum! :slightly_smiling_face:

Dev tracker

Use the dev tracker to check on the latest posts of our developers! :slightly_smiling_face:

Have fun! :blush: