FAQ: friend-codes and vouchers

We have collected the most common questions with regards to friend-codes and vouchers and will answer them in this thread. We will continue to update when new questions arise.



How does the voucher system work in general?


A good general description can be found in the update notes for version 1.8.5


In a nutshell:

  • You should use the voucher system to invite new players to the game. The easiest way is to send a friend-code to your friends with a message directly generated within the game.
  • You will earn vouchers whenever a player who has entered your friend-code reaches a new hero level.
  • If you give your friend-code to players who already play the game for some time, you also will earn some vouchers when they reach a new hero level, but you will earn A LOT MORE vouchers if you invite new players to the game.
  • You can also add friends by using the friend-invite that is located in each player-profile; however you won’t get any vouchers from ingame-friends.



How many voucher-friends can I have?


Each player can have up to 20 voucher-friends. Additionally players can have up to 20 ingame-friends.




I have voucher-friends that have become inactive. I want to remove them from my friend-list. How can I do this?


It is easy to do this. Just visit the player profile and tap “unfriend”.

The player will be removed from your friend-list and you can add a new friend into the empty slot.  


What are the best strategies to get high amounts of vouchers?


You will always receive vouchers if a friend who has entered your friend-code reaches a new hero-level.  The more new hero-levels your friend has reached since the friend-code was entered, the higher the amount of vouchers payed-out.


So the best way to receive high amounts of vouchers is to invite new players to the game with your friend-code.

  • A new player will level-up much faster compared to a player who already has a higher hero level

o   You will receive vouchers more often.

o   You will reach high voucher payout tiers much faster.


  • If you invite a player into the game, who has not played Royal Revolt 2 yet, you will get a lot higher voucher payouts compared to a player who already played the game before entering your friend-code.



Why can I only enter one friend-code?  

The friend-code basically is an invitation-code. By entering it you confirm which player invited you to play the game.

After you entered a friend-code the way to get more voucher friends is to send your friend-codes to your friends and invite them into the game.


The main-reason why we allow entering friend-codes also at a later stage of the game is that you get a 150-voucher reward for entering a friend-code. We also want to offer the 150 vouchers to players who already play the game for some time or were not invited with a friend-code.




Sometimes I get more than 20 vouchers and sometimes I get only 1 voucher if a voucher-friend reaches a new hero-level. Is that correct?  

Yes this is correct.


If you invite new players into the game and they enter your friend-code, you will receive much higher voucher payouts when these players reach a new hero-level, compared to players who already played the game for some time before entering your friend-code.


But even if you only have voucher-friends who have already played the game when entering your friend-code, you will receive a bigger payout from time to time. You will get a bonus whenever a voucher-friend reaches a payout-tier for the first time. E.g. the first player who reaches the 2nd new hero-level since connecting with you will trigger a bonus payout. It will happen again if one of your friends reaches the 3rd, 4th, 5th … , new hero-level.



Is my friend-code valid infinitely?  

No. Each of your friend-codes expires after 100 hours. If you are using the in-game share or invitation feature, every 3 hours a new friend-code is generated. However, if you are not using the messages created within the game, you should exchange the friend-codes you are using at least on a daily basis.


A good start nice to have you here on the fourms but can you touch on this question of why the amount of vochers earned by a voucher friend leveling up is 0, 1 or 21 it seems? Level of the player seems to have no bearing on this as a low level player has provided me 21 and others and then a high ranking king at level 80+ has provided 0 and 1 at times. The voucher system seem REALLY BUGGED right now and this is the general consensus with the community


Don’t you feel like getting 1 v ocher for a level up is waaaay to low? I don’t have hard data to back this up but I am sure you guys do and see that most kings don’t get past level 60 or so in game. If that where the case then a voucher friend on average (since currently you can get 0, 1, or 21 it seems) would be only worth like 250 voucher on the span of his entire RR2 career. To get to level 60 or so that would take several weeks/months 




Gain additional vouchers based on the level of the player. Higher level players would give more vouchers for leveling up corresponding to the level that they are actually reaching. So if a level 80 king levels up he would then give 81 vouchers to his friends. IE if you level up form 22 you would be worth 23 vouchers, or level up from 43 you would be worth 44 vouchers. Encouraging players to keep playing and get better rewards the longer they play the game.


ALSO the old voucher FAQ said BOTH the king leveling up and the friend of the king leveling up recieves vouchers each time they level, this is currently not the case at all.

I got some low levels guys which sometimes they give me 0 voucher or 1 voucher but only few times they give me the exact amount of vouchers (20-21-22 etc). Seems that you had a flop in your voucher system. Please fix this as soon as possible i have already lost many potential vouchers with this bug.

You guys are lucky… I should have at least 700 vouchers by now (over 30 level ups from my 15 vouchers friends), I have… 3 vouchers lol (I don’t get any vouchers most of the time).

A lot of people on Facebook are experimenting the same issues… I really hope Flaregames will take a look at it (Btw I play on a samsung galaxy s4, Android 5.0)

Thank you for reporting the potential bugs with voucher-payouts. A payout of 0 vouchers should never happen. We will look into this.


Also thanks for your input with regards to the general amount of the voucher-payouts beeing too low. I will look into payout-balancing and see if we can do improvements in the near future.


I will also add some topics to the FAQ section to increase the understanding on how the system works.


Just a quick summary:


  • With the friend-code feature we want to reward players who invite new players into the game. Giving your friend-code to low level players will increase the payouts of vouchers because they level up faster. However giving your friend-code to players who have not played the game before will do the trick. You will get much more vouchers for players you have invited to play the game.


I tested this with my accounts and it worked like inteded for myself, but of course I trust you guys that you were experiencing bugs. 


Obviously we could have done better to explain the feature. We will try to improve on that. Within the game but also here in the forum and on facebook. 


And as I have said, we will also look into the general payout-balaning.

Yes my buddy has levelled up more than 10 times and i havent received a single voucher yet

Ign: Mortal X


Hi Mortal,


I looked into your account and I have some details. I will write you a pm in a minute.




Concerning the voucher system, I gained 0 vouchers so far (except the initial 150 for entering someone’s code) for lvl-ups of a voucher friend of mine, while other (also high lvl) friends of the lvl-upped player did receive vouchers…

This, together with the currently overally “buggedness” of the system and the lack of incentives for anyone to add high-lvl players as voucher friends, made me not even bother to add any additional voucher friends (I still only have one) by now. Even if I risk missing out on a few vouchers, the value of those vouchers in general and the “average expected / actually happening” amount of reward vouchers make me think it’s more rewarding for me as a player to just “skip” this whole voucher thing and all the trouble it brings. And I guess, for vouchers to be useful, that’s not what players should do. 


I understand you designed this as a “let players advertise the game for us and give them a small reward for it that doesn’t cost us anything” kind of measure, and principially that’s even okay, but as it obviously was intended to be helpful (maybe not exclusively, but largely) for flaregames, the players using the feature should also get a *decent* reward for doing so (and most important, bug-free) out if it - otherwise they’ll say it’s crap and just don’t use it except as an argument against starting the game.


And when there’s a system where actual friends (most likely players at similar level than oneself) are almost useless due to diminishing/no rewards, while becoming “friends” with some random strangers (those players that have played RR2 for a long time probably would have invited their real life friends long ago, if they really wanted to recommend the game to them, so many codes are just shared in the hope *someone at all* will enter it) that just happen to be low lvl is very helpful, then that should be renamed to something else than “friends” imho. Maybe “followers” or “voucher contacts”… but not “friends”, as that word is misleading looking at how the system works. 



Anyway, make sure to add some info about what vouchers are worth and how their value changes. E.g. several players reported that “voucher to gem” conversion rates get worse after using the option once. Knowing whether this is true, how it works and what the reasons are would be very helpful and appreciated. 


Yes, I have 15 voucher friends from the 1st day. But get only 10% or 20% of vouchers for their level ups.

Mostly zero.


Hi Bladestorm,



thanks for pointing my to this. Unfortunately the wording was misleading. I improved it in the description.


“As soon as your friend and you are connected,  both of you will earn vouchers.  You will receive vouchers when your friend reaches a new hero level. Your friend will get vouchers when you reach a new hero-level.”


We also have rechecked voucher-payouts yesterday. We have found the following bug: “If the person who has created a friend-code reaches a new hero-level, sometimes the player who entered the friend-code does not receive vouchers.”


We apologize for the bug. We will look into it and fix it as soon as possible. I will keep you posted.






Where is my hundreds of candy wrappers?

Thanks again to all players reporting their problems with voucher payouts here.


  • We will continue to work to find the problem(s) and keep you informed about the progress.

  • We will also do a rebalancing of voucher payouts. As soon as there are news you will find them here. 




Good news: Because of your help here we could find the bug with voucher payouts. Thanks again for providing information.

More good news: The fix can be deployed with a server update, so no need to wait for a new client.


I will inform you when we will be able to update the server. 




Awesome work Jan.

I’m impressed :slight_smile:

I have also experienced voucher problems. I have 3 voucher-friends in my Fazd account who have all levelled up, I have received 21 vouchers for one and 0 vouchers for the other 2. My Frazzled account has 1 voucher friend who has levelled up and I have received 0 vouchers for that account. When I levelled up all my friends received vouchers.

Hey Faye Doherty,


thanks a lot for your information.


We have found and fixed a bug in the server-code yesterday that was affecting voucher payouts. Not all payouts were done correctly. 

We have tested the server code yesterday and plan to update the server sometime today.


Again, my apologies for the bug and thanks to all for supporting us with information.


I will keep you posted here.




What are the intended correct payouts suppose to be? Even if you are suppose to get 21 vouchers for every level up. That would still require a long time to get those 1000 vouchers. Do you guys want getting vouchers to be that hard? I know they are added to the new treasure chest in the alliance wars to but I think the payout for inviting new players to the game is still to low if 21 per level is what you are aiming for.

We are just doing the server update that is also containing the fix for vouchers payouts.

Jan, please tell me if it’s normal that after my friend reached level 86 I got 3 vouchers, after I reached level 94 he got 1 voucher. Did you really fix it and this is how this system suppose to work ? Really ? Do you think getting 3 or 1 voucher, after waiting for so long for a high level player to level up, is enough ?