FAQ: war-champions and war-shields

We have collected the most common questions with regards to war-champions and war-shields. We will continue to update when new questions arise.


A good general description of war-champions and war-shields can be found in the update notes for version 1.8.5.



Do the costs for champions and shields rise with each Alliance level?


As for elite boosts the costs rise with each Alliance level, because the ability to earn Alliance gold also increases with each Alliance level.



Do the champions and shields only count for future attacks or are they calculated retroactively?


The champion and shield slots count only for future attacks after being activated.



When activated, do the champion and shield slots are active for the full war season?


A player who is appointed to be a champion and a player who gets shielded will receive the status only for a single war.

How does that answer the question? :slight_smile:

Could you add some values to that, something like the cost formula, or the percentage of skull boost/reduction based on number of war champions/shields active?


Part of those information are scattered throughout experimenting players’ posts somewhere in the forum, some are unknown/only estimated, but all of those have been asked for and should be known, in order to make it possible to discuss things properly and also to make a proper, informed decision in the game about using or not using them during a war.

Especially the scaling of costs and strength with number of “boosted” players is something that isn’t really known/clear ingame until you tested it all out by yourself, so it’s hard for most players/alliances to estimate the strength/usefulness/costs for appointing e.g. 2 or 3 champions or shields. 

(Note: I think it would actually make the most sense to have those details (as many other details currently unshown) viewable somewhere ingame (e.g. a help menu or manual section of some kind), but better tell it here than nowhere at all, if an ingame help menu is too difficult to introduce now.)

Yes, I agree with everything here.


PS, When you add a new feature don’t lock 99% of the players out of it because it is behind a paywall. Even the 1% that may have enough alliance gold to use them in their alliance probably realize it is not worth the alliance gold needed to buy them.

Thanks for your input Heroesflorian & Bladestorm.


We will rebalance costs so that hopefully it can be used by more Alliances.