Decided to move on from Olympus. It’s been a rollercoaster 9 weeks, climbing to #1 only to fall down again after the most recent patch.

I do have to applaud FG for making this awesome game and made me fork out some $$, which I usually do not. The basic gameplay is really fun, though unfortunately the fun dies out gradually. I got lesser and lesser satisfaction due to upgrades taking too long. It also became more of a chore due to the constant attack that you have to do to stay at the top of the ranks.

Prior to patch 2.6, it’s possible to stay at the top of the ranks simply by spending 3-4 hours a day. With the most recent patch, you will need to spend much more $$ for celestial boosts in addition to these 3-4 hours.

I do hope that FG will review the end game experience and make some changes (as per threads in suggestion forums) for the better. Till then, keep on rocking and best of luck to everyone.


i agree, some games gives that extra bonus (like celestial boost) and it stay allways on, dont need to spend € to use that bonuses, because you allready have purchase them, and here it looks other way, the more you spend - the more developers wants…

ptobably i will buy some game on pc for 10€ and will enjoy forever?