farm cups!


just want to share to those most active people, all the time and maybe gems you used to attack and earning trophies and climbing rank, you still can be farmed at gate easy for all your hard work, i just coudnt play 4 days and dropped a bit in trophies, now i got people in my map they have 800/900 cups more, if i beat gate i get 36 trophies, but the fun part it and im not doing it, i just tried and see what happens and want to inform you guys, if i not beat the gate how many i get, well that was very nice 18 cups for no win, after that he still 34 cups worth and 17 cups for not beat his gate, worth 32 cups for win 16 cups for no win etc… so i can easy get 120+ trophies in 8 fights from just one guy!!! stop rewarding people for no win, i just got more trophies then i stopped playing 4 days ago, in 20 min time of attacking!!! defences suck can rush through maps and destroy all and get easy to gate, by just using 2 gem skills!! enjoy your game!!

I AGREE, stop rewarding the loosers in the battle. They may not get any punishment if they reach the gate but gaining trophies is nonsense. 

defence isnt so easy if you couldnt use so much invocations and resurrect!! having a hard time to beat myself without resurrect and invocations, but very easy if i use it all!

Prob explains why i lost 170 trophs in the twinkling of an eye…

yup, down 150 from yesterday and that’s with me simi active attacking

hmm I have always lost trophies for not destroying the gate even when I almost destroy it. anyone knows why? i’m level 66 3k7 trophies

cause if u only get 3 for winning.  then almost winning is 0

Yea that’s messed up. Let me guess it was a 100+ lvl in top leaderboard. I don’t know how he would maintain rank with those kind of losses

I on the other hand have never seen anyone on my map give more than 3 trophies on my map for weeks and weeks. Failing to take the gate is a big loss

on the defense side of things right after update it was major losses, then averaged out to around -30 over a week. Now it’s down to minimal losses a day, -3, and even surprising gains. +39 the other day


if they dont fix it, then why not take advantage of it!! another guy i ripped of 110 cups for not beating his gate!! thank you for your hard work sir and srry!! easy cups for me and no gems spilled

It seemsto be Flaregames doesn’t care about this problem. No answer up to now. They give high trophies for most active and highest lv players by new trophies calculation. Then, everyone has high trophies. Not many people claim, but it killed the creativity and strategies. Why would we try to be master when we simply need to reach lv 100?

The prestige system is disappointed, and many players are leaving.

Finally, we don’t talk anymore. 

If you think that lower level players would have difficult to defeat higher players and that’s fair. It’s ok.

But there should be a limited trophies they can gain from another player.

For example, if they can win 30 trophies for a win, the first 2* may only give them 1/3 of trophies that they can get by a win (it’s 10 trophies).

The 2nd attack should only give them 30-10=20 trophies for a win or 20/3=7 trophies for 2*.

The 3rd attack is 20-7=13 for a win.

It means that the defender won’t lost more than 30 trophies for the farmer.

Lower level players still can take trophies from the higher level players but can’t farm anymore .

Flare keeps this going on purpose. This all trophy system is a give and take. Defences are useless. You don’t have to play 3-4 hours attacking as well, just find someone rewarding high and milk them.

Just as easy as we gain trophies, we lose too. And Flare is the winner ?

because of this, i have stopped using gems for invocations. Losing hard earned trophies in just minutes and taking ages to get them all back