Farm Gear Perk

Thoughts on adding farm gear perk option to Gloves? 

What do you mean by farm gear?  Food or luck?

Farm gear is on 6 items, they won’t add one more perk, otherwise we could raid without spending food. Gloves, weapon and armor don’t have it.

I need 25 food per raid when using my farm gear, I don’t forge them, since it is more than good enough. You can get a raid under 20 food if you forge that farm perk. Like I said, if I would have a 7th farm perk, I would have 100% food reduction and could literally raid forever. With 25 food per raid, I already stop, before I even emptied my farms. 

I use it when I want to raise or dump trophies, works quite well. Or when I just need some more gold (I maxed everything, so I only need gold for buying and melting down items)



The forge on them is not worth it to me at that level since it is .02 to .07 per forge. At 31 now want to get around 90 - 92% but have not seen anymore gear with food in long time.

Farm gear I find all the time, same for other kind of gear. But 99% is blacksmith food, since the stats aren’t better, in fact those stats are worse. If you really want better far gear, the trick is to replace uber gear by pro items. Only… That couod be costly in terms of gems, since we have that casino element that determines how costly it is to get the perk on the wishlist or not.

what the hell is the link between farm gear and luck? ??? farm gear is farm gear and luck gear is luck gear that’s it

Dang, I have not seen farm gear period. Must be nice. Have some pro gear like you said. Will see if there is another one that has perk and take a stab at it. Thanks for the idea.

Just checked and the only two gears that give that perk are Helmut and Cape. So still think should add it to the gloves.

Or create some pro gears that have farm perk on them.

its useless to try to find them in legendary and waste pearls for this perk. Uber items give them for free : in a ring, in a belt, in boots,in glove,in weapon,etc… Close all set on Uber

You can find pro item that have farm perk from Apollon Pauldrons. You can re-forging helmet and cape from any pro item to find farm perk too.


There’s no original farm perk from helmet or cape yet so we should search it our self by forging it. It cost only pearls if we forging it from legendary items but cost both pearls and gems if we search it in uber or pro items (by re-forging it).

ps. There’s no farm perk from glove, weapon, and armor atm. Only six kind items that have probability to have it: helmet, cape, pauldrons, ring, belt, and boots.

Uber include all Festival items don’t forget it. I am pretty sure there is glove,weapon and others who have farm on it via Festival items like spells perk via festival with the double belt blizzard or the bucket easter with sonic blast. I don’t have my previous account anymore so I cannot check what Farm perk I have. So I cannot confirm sorry. Maybe others can?

Yes, my statement including those festival items. You can ask others if still in doubt with it.

Anyway the farm perk on the glove is useless. Too much better stuffs on the glove. Like ring too much good thing to use farm perk. LOL too much stuffs its crazy sometime to choose well the equipment