Farm, Tavern & Blacksmith Boosts

Recently I (either discovered or realized) you could get Boosts for your Farms/Taverns/Blacksmith.

there is a Button to pay for a boost with gems, and there is a button which says "Free Boost, watch this video)

anyhow I have just recently gotten myself Facebook Friends, and suddenly I am getting more Pal chests, and Guardian chests,

but the FREE watch a video button says I have gotten too many boosts and to come back later.

Does having Facebook friends with Pal & guardian chests cancel out my FREE boosting?

is it a glitch? I am curious to know. Ty to anyone who might know what is happening.

It just means there are no advertisements to watch in your area. Keep trying eventually you will get an ad. Sometimes restarting the app helps. Some areas get more offers than others also. I think it varies by platform too.