This is a serious case in the royal revolt community since there are a ton of people that are unsportsmanlike and have no lives that constantly attack people, I am not a farmer, I only attack the same person maybe once a day if they have decent gold and I get 75-100%, and there are many victims including me, so I believe the max people can take from your gold should be 250k but the attacker gets more as usuafor example a person that finds a 600k raid but the person got attacked lost 500k.

Well, if you leave enough gold unprotected to enable attackers to steal 500k from you, then you don’t have to wonder if you get farmed - who wouldn’t want good loot? 


Better use the free 3h shield more often to protect your gold. 

And if I already used my shield?

Maybe he is farming for medal

Nope, about 300-500k gold and I always make weak bases(I dumb pls someone teach meh the ways of building bases xD)