Farming hidden treasures raiding style

Many here find it difficult to spot hidden treasures, so here’s a raid style to increase your chances in finding them.

Basically, use an army style raid, rush the raid (so you’ll have enough time for the next step) until you reach the final obstacle, then scream back. Your army will follow you until the scream runs out, and you’ll have enough time to run back and check if you missed any treasure before your army destroys the gate.


Nice raid bro :wink:

No hard feelings. I know we’re in rival teams but I don’t hate RL. Just playing the game as it is. Cheers =)

Im not angry you attack me.I respect you and no matters we are in rival team. We can be friends🙋‍♂️

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Mmm…i never walk back…spin around…move in circles…most of the time I don’t see anything on my path but at the end of the fight it shows that I did find something???
So…i just do the raid and don’t care about finding/seeing anything and just be happy if I get something…sooooooo relaxed :blush:

Well you’ll never really know what you missed until you walk back.

Sometimes I walk back and there were level 2 runes. Just saying =)

If you want to consider this farming style, just beware, when you reach the gate, only scream back like in the video if you have 30 seconds or more. Otherwise, you will hilariously walk back with your units and lose the battle as there won’t be enough time for them to destroy the gate. Happened to me quite a number of times.

Like i said…9 out of 10 i get something but never saw it? …that’s good enough for me…some battles are so intense that I really don’t wanna be like…oh god…my free stuff…did I miss something…just not worth it for me🙈

I have also noticed that runes and treasures are not visible in too many troops.
Much moving back and forth helps but slows me down. That’s not a nice solution too.

… it would be good if the hero attracts the rune to a certain area like a magnet.
That would leave the gameplay alone and be a good solution.

And then there’s moments like these. Just about to reach and army destroy gate =.=

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it is level 4 rune, i can feel it. LOL.

Let me explain, how you can collect runes by raiding normally.
I did 15 raids and got 20+ rewards in those raids. I have 30% luck ring and some luck pro bonus. However, this brings luck in Chamber of Fortune. Maybe, it is a luck for me or there it is a best ability to collect all runes in one battle.

Tips: Never destroy structures with your king. Never Ever! let your troops and spells take it over. Use slowdown effect of Toxic or Blizzard so that you can stop units and Mass Hysteria from attacking you.
Then, keep rotating your king. here and there. Keep rotating means, keep your king, revolving around some troops again and again, similar to what you do while equipping a heal aura ring and healing your troops. Dont just stand, keep moving. Rotate yourself.
In easy words, just put your finger on the screen, and tap the king and press it. Then, make a circle, and then, keep making circles going ahead the path. Let your troops to the raiding and you just run here and there.

This may seem to be a foolish idea at once. But this way you can ensure the maximum rewards, as your king have visited every part of the path, while raiding.

Sometimes, I even got three rewards in one raid, and mostly two. Only one or two raids our of so many… got empty.

Best of Luck! Keep raiding!

lol i finiseh a raid ~20s left and i run back and leave the troup alone … and then …
they can’t destroy the gate :rofl::rofl::rofl: not the best performance :thinking:
i run to the gate … too late … -15 cups :cry:


Haha, they must have dies due to the gate boost or something else. Or, something must have stunned them.
thats sad. You can try one another method given above.

A dev has already responded and said that luck does not affect hidden treasures drop rate.
I’m curious why you say not to destroy structures with the hero?

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It is also given above… your hero will focus on collecting runes.

us, so my Alliance has noticed that only a few runes are found in the fight,
some have in 3-4 days only one rune. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I assume that the drop rate is low and is still being adjusted.

I can’t assure you, but I think … if you attack enemies that are much stronger, they come out more frequently. I tell you because I have noticed that. If I attack those of my same rank or lower, rune ever leaves, but less frequently. :wink:

I think that’s coincidence how much drops … the rate could be higher, I think … and my Alliance members

I only raid in the Top 1000 Players :roll_eyes: 5k+ :innocent:

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Sometimes, I get 3+ runes in a single battle. If i do 10 fights, I will get 15+

Just Good for YOU. Keep Raiding.