What should be the ideal farm level for an level 80 player?

Suggestions needed :slight_smile:

level 10.

Lvl 13 is a good point.

All of my farms are level 11/12. I guess I am in a good position for now :slight_smile:

Thnx :slight_smile:

When i had low level farms i did always a kind of thought. For example i knew that my farm has a max capacity of 200 but my raid costed 220, so i need to upgrade my farms at least that keep 220 bread or more, so i didn’t go in “bankrupt” with bread XD

However this tip vanishes as soon as you reach 220 because even if you have farms lvl 17 you still feel the lack of bread =/

I like to use vouchers when food is in short supply.


Its the only thing I spend them on now


Indeed, very good to win leagues at the last minutes when the silo is empty, or during seasons.


But also, recommended to use them instead of gems. For example to buy gear from granny. Or get some missing gems, landscapes.

Thnx for the advice :slight_smile:

Hey, I too use voucher for food only :slight_smile:

I think the price of buying gears is very high (I never get a legendary item in the voucher market), bt buying gems and landscapes are very good options :slight_smile:


Btw. thank you oPelle for your wonderful work on the wiki.

After checking that page i set my first goal to reach level

13 on all farms. Currently on 14/14/13/13. Next goal: 900

bread in the farms …


Here you are funny :slight_smile: ))

It is not a question of the efficiency of farms!

It is a question of efficiency of upgrade itself


12-13 is the most awesome upgrade

it adds immediately 20 baguettes per hour

While it costs ridiculous 2.5 million gold

All other upgrades both before and after is added only 2 to 10 baguettes per hour


(for comparison four upgrades 13-14-15-16-17 adds the same 20 food per hour, but it is worth 28 million, and 30 days continues)


11-12 is the second awesome upgrade

it adds immediately 10 baguettes per hour

While it costs meager 1.5 million gold

All other upgrades is added only 2 to 5 baguettes per hour

Farms whats that?


Whenever I raid i just watch a 10 sec video :slight_smile:

Game 2.1.0 just launched on Android… I suspect Windows is to blame for this update :)) Happy Days!

The ideal level is max. (End of discussion)

Think Scavenger here made the best logical reasoning. Max them. That’s all.