Faulty Armageddon

1.I have been having problems with Armageddon not detonating.

  1. When you tap Armageddon it doesn’t blow up anything.

3.It is suppose to destroy almost everything around, if not everything.

  1. as I am playing everything seems fine, I noticed that after the beast approaches and I tap the gasper icon then time warp, the beast died and I continue on. If my time is running short when I reach the castle gate sometimes I tap the Armageddon icon but it fizzes out like a firecracker that’s a dud. A small flash like it’s going to do what it suppose to, but nothing. You can actually see it trying to work, but it fails to detonate.

  2. I am using 5.0 on Google play & I’m connected to facebook.

  3. I use my mobile, LG LTE 4G

  4. My in game name is Queen Atay lor

  5. I don’t have screen shots, 

  6. No logs, but near as I can remember it starting is 11:00am Wednesday Eastern time, up until 3:00am off and on.

Summery: I truly like this game and will continue to play because I’ve made a lot of friends and have lots of fun. I buy a considerable amount of gems and I would greatly appreciate it if you could fix this issue because I not only lose gems but trophies as well. I hope I explained this to your satisfaction. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Hi ataylor,

thank you for your detailed description. We will look into the issue.

It is happening with me… I used Armaggedon in dungeons at the gate…But, it works really bad… It does not destroys the gate and the game finishes at 70% saying… RAID with three crowns. Do something for me!