Favorite Invocation?

So what are everyone’s favorite invocations?

I know we all like to conserve gems, so tell us when you consider it “worth” spending them?

I know there are different ones for different situations, but many of us probably have a favorite or two.

Currently, mine are the Fist of Power and Dragon’s Tooth. I use the fist if I get tangled up in a particularly strong choke point. I use the Tooth if I can tell I don’t have enough troops left at the gate and time is running out.

What about you?

I love Tartarus invocation but no longer uses it since GK are now nerfed.
It is a great invocation for killing GK and only costs 12 gems.

Sorry, what does “nerfed” mean?

Nerfed is a term used in video games to describe reduction in power.
Prior v 5.0 gatekeeper were very strong but now are very weak.


биа и домакл :ok_hand: