Favorite Removal.

_ In the next update you could remove the option to add to favorites. This is very annoying! The guy attacks you 3 times in a row steals 9 trophies and when you fight back you can only take 1 or 5 trophies. That is very unfair! _

What does this have to do with Favorites? I mean, you could remove that guy from your favorites list if you wanted to, it wouldn’t change a thing!

.There is no sense in removing it if it keeps attacking me.

Oh, I see what you mean now. So, make it to where other players cannot add you to their favorites list. Well, this would destroy the whole point of favorites. It’s not unfair, it’s just the way the game works and if he keeps beating you, the only thing you can do is try and make your base better so that he can’t defeat you

As for the unfairness in the trophies, yes, I agree with you. The trophy algorithm has always been messed up and it’s very frustrating, but that just gives you even more motivation to make your defenses unbeatable

I was so angry with him! But, your comment reassured me … Thank you! ?:v:

no problem

I prefer to increase the maximum number of players in favourite list (10 aren’t enough). Players attack other players for trophies, gold, xp, pearls, medals, quests, pal food, etc… The favourite list is useful to save time when you search opponents.

I had at least 15 on my favorites when I last checked. I’m fairly certain they bumped up the amount you can have on your favorites when they bumped up the friends

A simple solution is for flare to add a “revenge” button and allow the player to get back exactly what was"stolen".