Favourite Event

So which is your favourite event?

All the above… Except vouchers.

Haha True. I guess even granny event. Surprised to see no votes for Alliance Party. I voted for Super Insta Days. Good way to mix around with alliance members & friends. For the new players, Boost your … would be the best whereas for top players blacksmith would be the best.

They can keep a new event, currency sale - 2x gold on raids. 10 gems from the gem house, 5x pearls from meltdown & 1/2 food for raids.

I like boost your offense/defense/castle, alliance party and blacksmith, all others suck monkey balls. Crazy granny became useless with the introduction of uber items and the removal of the “buying legendary items for gold” part, uber days were terrible for non-massive paying players, super insta days weren’t that fun aswell and voucher event isn’t even worth mentioning.