Feature Request: Find Closest Target Button

The problem: When you’re grinding/levelling with the same hero, sometimes it becomes difficult to find where the next closest island is (read: lowest ambrosia cost). This problem becomes exacerbated because dragging your hero across long distances is fussy and sometimes it fails, and dragging your hero close to Olympus is really annoying because it usually pulls up the menu of all the heroes and it’s extremely difficult to place the hero you want to use on the island you want to take. Sometimes I end up selecting the island I want to take (which may or may not be the lowest ambrosia cost), which then brings up the closest hero to that island, and then I scroll through the hero menu to select the hero I want to use. It works, but it’s annoying.

The solution: Create a new button that appears when you select a hero (either on Olympus or camped on an island), that when pressed, brings you to the battle selection screen for the closest OCCUPIED island to that hero. It could be the island right next to them for 60 ambrosia, or one all the way across the map if that’s the cheapest one for that particular hero to attack. Once you’re in, the arrow buttons on the bottom of the page will take you to the next closest island if you don’t like your first opponent.

The benefit: I will take more trophies more quickly from y’all.

Thats good idea

It is a little less elegant, but the arrow buttons next to the Attack button actually scroll through the islands in order of Ambrosia cost, so attack what seems like the closest, then tap left until the number goes up instead of down.

Right, but sometimes the hero you want to use doesn’t have any visible enemy islands close to him, or they’re in that ring around Olympus where if you try to drag him the ring of hero portraits comes up and it all gets screwy, and dragging all the way from one side to the other usually take 3 tries to get right and it’s extremely difficult to tell what is closest in terms of ambrosia cost.

It’s extremely clunky. Once you have the hero you want in the battle screen, yeah, the arrows work. But getting there is harder than it should be.