Feature to make it possible to block somebody?


Since my son is attacked over and over and oooover again by the same person, I really get fed up with it now and want to block him.

My son is very young and just plays for fun, it is not nice for him.


I really don’t want to block him for no reason, but the attacker is way stronger then my son, and keeps attacking.


What do others think of the possibility to block somebody? Maybe Flare could make a feature that we can block like 3 accounts?

It’ll be a bad feature to be honest especially at the top end of the leaderboard

Well, if he keeps attacking, he probably has a good reason to do that. Maybe your son gives him a lot of gold (then your son should limit his amount of gold when he quits playing, just spend most of it before you go offline) or your son attacks him back and uses a lot of scrolls doing so, giving the attacker more gems. By attacking him he maybe wants to provoce your son into doing that again.


I don’t believe in an option to block someone from attacking you. If you don’t like it that someone attacks you, grow stronger, change your base and make it less appealing for the attacker to attack you.

they player farming your son will eventually grow out of raiding him due to a number of factors.

it wont last forever.

may be a signal that his base has a flaw and its time for some upgrades or a whole new base all together.

the attacker will use his memory of the base and become lazy. making a small change may catch the attacker off guard.



The guy attacking your son will not be gaining anything from him in terms of gold/medals/trophies because he his so much stronger. So I don’t know why people would do this.


I don’t think we should be able to block people there’s not that many people to choose from at the top as it is. I’m raiding the same guy for a weeks now, reckon I raided him 100+ times. For some reason he gives me more gold than the average player.


You can only raid someone 3 times per hour so  its not that much.

Yes maybe overall it is a bad idea to have such a feature…, especially for the top 20 like Fii Nami mentions


Vester and Huck, he is saving for a large upgrade and upgraded everything else possible for now. I’ll check his account to see what he exactly does. Maybe he should just ignore him… He will not level up equally since the attacker is at least 10 levels higher and has the same tempo in upgrading…


Froster, why should you do that, attacking someone so many times. even if he gives you so much gold? I think you are taking away the fun part for the one who is attacked so often? Or are you both attacking eich other back and forth?


Thanks for the replies! :slight_smile:

I  wanna attack him… ign please

Hey Dutchie,

The guys above are right. For some users certain people just give very good loot and if you are not after trophies or medals it’s just the easiest way to get plenty of gold for all your upgrades. It used to be MUCH worse before flare introduced the 3 attacks/user/hour limit. I personally raided the hell out of 3-4 favourite players day and night.

Unfortunately, there aren’t that many solutions, apart from:

  1. Falling out of gold giving range of the player

  2. Joining an alliance with a couple of players stronger than the guy and sending the message via attacking the crap out of him

  3. 3 day gold shield could potentially help if it will reduce the amount of gold offered to the attacker, but I am not exactly sure if that would actually be the case.

  4. Upgrade your son’s base or change it around like huck suggested.


Good luck,


I agree with the guys…it happened to me as almost to everybody…I had a player (and without 3 raids per hour limit) that attacked me, i think, 40-50 times per day and for over 10-11 days…I think that the suggestions aforementioned are really useful… :grinning:

You guys are badboys…lol :wink:


Hm, guess I should put on my bitch modus while playing…hahaha…


40- 50 times a DAY??? 11 days on a row…wow…It would make me want to quit the game maybe…

One guy attacked me over and over…I am still waiting untill I am strong enough and then I sure will take all my gold back from him and much more…lol.

^^^ A little tip: I don’t know how valuable trophies are to you right now. But if you open your base it will effect how many trophies/medals/gold the guy is getting from you and he might lose interest and find a different victim.


In the long term though you just have to put up with it, It’s part of the game. Also remember to pay him a visit when you are a stronger king. :grinning:

See I can’t stand players who raid the crud out of the same person over and over and over; I mean it’s got to get old after awhile. I sort of like the way Age of Empires: Castle Siege does their battle system where you can’t attack a player more than once. It’s a little extreme at times though. Flare could possibly extend the whole 3-4 times attacks timer and maybe make so you can only attack a player 3-4 times a week. I understand that some players give out more gold than others because I’ve done my fair share of over-raiding myself but it does hinder and make some players’ gaming experiences boring and repetitive. Besides attacking someone’s base over and over again is so overraided right haha.

Another solution like others have said is let your Alliance know and have them seek revenge. That’s how I removed some of my constant attackers, United We Stand watches and defends eachothers’ Castles. The colors of Freedom, Honor, and Glory fly high as We knock open your Treasure Chambers!

weebo, now my English isn’t good enough to understand what you are saying.

Opening my base? How do I manage that? What does it mean?

Master, thats my point also…I just cant stand it…

Open base means just get rid of your defences for a little while. Make sure you have no gold that can be stolen from you when you do this.

I raid some of my fav list very often too. There are few reasons I choose them.

  1. More gold than others even I raid him 3 time - when I need gold.

  2. More metal than others - when I need metal.

  3. The base are beatable - some base are not easy, but beatable when no mistake.

Don’t think letting your alliance attack back will help a lot: After all that wouldn’t change the reason for the original attacks. If he gets a lot of gold, the attacker would still get a lot of gold after the revenge-raids - so he’ll probably just keep attacking. Not sure if he would even care about the revenge attacks as you usually get attacked all the time, so it doesn’t really matter that much who attacks you.


And being able to block someone may be nice for the “victim” at first, but that may change pretty soon once all his favorite targets start blocking him…

I don’t like this constant attacking thing, once my account was created someone with 1000 trophies kept attacking me for no reason and right now the same guy still attacks me in his 2900 trophies(forgot exact estimate)

As Vester said earlier, he’s doing that as your son either

  1. has lots of gold/loot
  2. offers easy trophies
  3. provoking your son to scroll in his base if your son is doing so

The main reason would be 1. To counter that, simply spend your gold until within your Treasure Chamber gold protection. It would not counter it 100% but you will have a cushion when losing gold. You can also grab the free 3-hour gold shield. You can simply ignore if it’s 2 or 3. Higher trophy count, as many says, will match you with tougher bases. 

I get this right now and I think it’s because I got him once and he just decided to keep attacking in spite. The attacks sometime gain him some gold, but it’s minimal. It’s really done to just grief at this point imo. To the people saying, “just build up you base”, well you really can’t if the guy keeps attacking. People “at the top” may not have many to attack, but I am sure many times more people end up quitting because of it. 3 times an hour seems of overly excessive. But the only way people are going to have more people at the top to attack is to make it so people don’t keep quitting due to this griefing