Feedback after changes on conquest mode

(1) RR2 is a casual game that says it all. (2) Different time zone. How would flare solve this?. Im currently in an Italien Alliance. If we fight vs 1 American or Vietnam alliance, how should we deal strategically? Example: If Vietnam Alliance attack us at 3-4 o’ clock in the morning,  how should we defend ourselves?

War season there is not this problem.I know that I have 24 hours to make my attacks

Let’s try about 7 times and say it.
It has only been completed once. :wink:

If hemorrhoids get bad and surgery becomes necessary
"Since conquest is actually bad for your health, I will request Flare

And write my leader 's activity time on the alliance signboard.

”OPEN 12:00~13:00 19:00~23:00*jpn time @Kaplan Mt”

Last conquest mode i miss many fight. I went to sleep at 11pm, got up at 6am and missed 8 attacks. I felt useless for my alliance

Because I missed the first big fight and I was greatly defeated
After that I did not sleep. I think the opponent is the same.
They also did not sleep.。。。 Whether the user gives up or flare improves…

Also, Flare should not delay my conquest start time next time.

Other delayed alliances will say the same.
It is an unfavorable condition.


When there is a real war is the enemy does not attack at night? This is also an element of strategy. Be glad that you do not have air bombardment) Stop growing greenhouse conditions! Want to win do not sleep and pay)

P.S.: After your advice, people without pro tickets sat for a long time (personal animosity). Keep up the good work)))

Hello Delllux. (1) I gave my suggestion to Flare for "Pro Ticket ".Throne Room Level 10 + Hero Level 80-100, but Flare games decided otherwise. (2) I felt useless in Last Conquest Mode for my alliance. I work and I can not help my Alliance in Conquest mode during work or at 3-4 o’clock at night. 
It’s not nice if you can not help 50% of the fights in conquest mode of your alliance. 

When there is a real war you can her the bullets whiz by your head, pick up your gun and defend yourself. You can also have sentries who wake up the troops to defend themselves.

Here you can have someone attack your base six times and not know it, lose the war and wind up back in the base.

Also, any attack in a real war happens in the same time zone, not halfway around the world.

Comparing RR2 to real world is silly.

I do not want to play “real war” … how riduculous.

also, once you die, you die. There’s no “going back to base”. I agree, worst comparison I’ve ever heard

Off topic.  Due to lack of war and ninja,. I hardly have any chests.   Oh I miss the old schedule.  Imagime of black Smith event comes, I have nothing much to melt

Why do you think you need to be in all the fights?  This is a team game, work together, you do your part, someone else does a different part.

It takes 11-12 hours to fill all your energy.  Play 2-3 times a day.  You just need to check for messages and orders.


Exactly @PiP69! You need to do your part and trust in your team to do what they need to do! I love all these new changes as they aren’t even close to how time consuming it was the first time

Pipe69 Your reasoning makes no sense. Warseason and Ninja event i have the opportunity to help my alliance. Conquest mode i don’t have the opportunity to help my Alliance (or I invest more time 24/24 hours in RR2) Conquest mode  you do not need strategy. You need to play 24/24 hours for the win. RR2 Is and remains an casual  game.

An improvement would be that the wars take at least 6 hours, so you have time to defend yourself, and so on.

This mode is complete garbage.  Game starts at 3am local time, while opponents based in Europe get to start during a sane hour.  So they get hours headstart.  Of course they get to all of the resource tiles hours before we do.

No worries, just fight right?  Nope!  I can’t  get 50% through any of their bases (one guess which beast they use).  Not that it matters, because even if we did a stand a chance in a fight, THEY WILL JUST WIPE OUT EVERYTHING IN THEIR PATH WHILE WE SLEEP.  I am literally watching it right now and can’t do a thing about it because nobody but this insomniac is awake at 4am.


There is no way that this mode will ever work for any but the most hardcore players.


i only sleep 4 hr yesterday and repeatedly check my phone during work to see other how other opponent moving, boss not happy, lunch break , use phone connection since no wifi, cost like 3$ per 10mins, trust me if i use low point troop to deal with phoebe it cost much more , sleep like 2 hr since too tired , get attack while i was asleep . Really  flare ? , i know many people here can choose not to do it but they do it anyway because of the responsibility with their crewmate and friend, not because they have too much money to auto fill your 3 building that CAN ONLY UPGRADE BY GEMS and certainly not because they only have mobile game to play all days. ??? 

Please no ranting, keep this constructive with feedback from observation.

So far, what I’ve gathered:

  • It is still easier to ally with everyone on the map given the effort it takes to coordinate attacks and movement. Then get to 150 points without hassle and bag the chests. Something needs to be done about amount of rewards and number of tiles required for achieving rewards. Or about the significance of the boosts. We see no value to the boosts compared to effort it takes to make 1st place, so we are just adopting the peace and build stance.

  • Orders implemented are a nice feature, but unsure how that is playing out to regular players. Some just disregard them completely. Would be nice to have a big exclamation mark say you have orders when they open the map. Would be nice to have orders send notification to players. Still having to communicate through whatsapp.

  • Cooldown, as it is, is completely pointless, just remove it entirely. Along with the tech that reduces it by 10%. Really? 10% of 2 minutes cooldown?

  • University still doesn’t show costs of all researches, leaving us the gamble as to whether we will have enough resources for that one tech we are aiming at further down the tech line. This one, a minor correction me and others have been screaming for since conquest 1, and goes unanswered to this day.

  • Mechanics for movement are greatly improved. One can log in, move in 10-15 minutes and come back 12 hours later when energy refilled.

  • It remains the effort of hell to coordinate everyone to attack and all of that, 24-7. Orders are passive, strategy implementation requires activity… Right now I feel conquest mode is a game I would LOVE to play by myself, controlling the whole thing.

  • I wouldn’t want to be on the other side of 2 teams that made an alliance. The way this is shaping up, soon it will be mandatory to ally horizontally and battle vertically only. If we battle at all, that is.

Overall: still not playing it the way you probably want us to play. Some improvement to movement, but core issues remain bad.

Also this conquest’s technologies have a really elevated price and somehow stone is gone too…

This Conquest is requiring too many resources

The storage capacity of the university was drastically increased, BUT after researching only 4 technologies all wisdom is gone.
Also, it’s only the second day and my alliance already have almost no stone left to build.

I believe it’s still requiring too much from normal players as well. I hate how much we depend on other players’ actions on this mode.
It’s not like Alliance Wars, where only the leadership team will decide all movement, strategies and timing of wars, and everything our members have to do is raid bases.
On Conquest everyone has to know, understand, and correctly execute the strategies coordinately. That’s still an issue for multi language alliances and casual players in general.

The only difference between Leader, General and Soldier on the Conquest map is Soldiers don’t have the power to build/upgrade Watchtowers. Everyone can do whatever they want, go wherever they want and declare war against whoever they want, I really don’t like that.