Feedback Doesn't Really 'Feed Back'

I mean, it takes a long time for Flare to actually take an action for feedbacks (I guess). I sent a request to change my in-game user name about 2 weeks ago but up to now, no response from Flare. I know my request was sent because I have received a confirmation email from them but after that, nothing else comes and my King name remains the same.

Question, how long for Flare to ‘feed back’ to a feedback? What are the process?

i sent an inquiry to flare 3 months ago and never got a reply

What name have you contacted them under? And under which category did you submit your ticket?

Well, there’s no option for ‘Requests’ or something like that so I put it under ‘Bug’. I indicated on my feedback that it’s not bug but a request. Maybe I made a mistake on that one but ‘Bug’, I thought, is rightful than ‘Lost Account’ or ‘Payment Issue’, and much suited than ‘Choose one’. :stuck_out_tongue:

Where should I send requests for in-game user name change?

whats the name of site for flaregames?

For Flare:

For RR2:

For Support: