Feedback on Chamber of Fortune

Consider yourself lucky. Today hours ago, last hour raids, I got 2 - 3 Mr.Skull at all COF war, wasted so many gems just to get extra skulls.
FG did something, chance to get COF skulls become *****! ?

it seems many tired of COF( me too. 

Well… It seems to be a topic they refuse to answer. Years ago Lisa informed us about 75% success on first opened cof chest.

I seriously doubt those are the real odds lately. They max are 50% nowadays.

First day 12 raids, 9 incorrect first cof. Let’s see what 75% means. I did need 30 gems for first 2 cof to find skulls, cof 3 again 15 gems. Let’s see, 25% odds first chest is incorrect. Then 40% for second try, so 10% that you need 30 gems. Twice in a row is 1%. Next one again incorrect is 1:400. That is pretty low odds. Strange enough it’s happening now more on a common base, instead of being an exception. 

With 75% success rate I would expect 1 or 2 out of 6 cof to be a failure max, unless being extremely unlucky. Why oh why from all 4 days, just one day I got 10 out of 12 skulls success on first try and rest only 3-6 out of 12? Team members also get same abnormal low scores, 1 or 2 out of 6, one even reported 0 out of 6, the odds are 1:4096!

Come on, we want to get rid of these skulls inside cof. I am fine helping my team somewhat, but need to pay 450+ gems during a season without champing is not normal any longer. 

I already suggested many times that after paying gems once, the next chest should be success. It’s not done to take another 15-30 extra gems before even giving the skull rewards. So my suggestion is either drastically lower gems after a failure or make sure that after paying 15 gems, the skulls are given as reward.

I used to help my team and did continue with gems to find the skull reward inside cof. I am sorry, but I decided to stop doing so and asked my team to do same. Having to pay 1-2 times gems per war to find those skulls is fine, but not 4+ times. That’s what I call becoming greedy. 

Hi @Play For Fun, @cr1, @Dena4,

Thanks for the feedback. However, please do not hijack the thread. I think it is valuable feedback, but it does belong it its own thread. I will open one with your comments in the general discussion -battle section.

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Ok, thank you Madlen, was not aware of it. 

I had a situation this war where I paid 45 gems to get my skulls, claimed them, then disconnected and did not get the rest of the rewards. I disconnected several times during CoF this war.

I agree, it’s the worst war for cof. I had to pay out 45 gems so many times, it has clearly been adjusted to increase gem spending.

If it was a chest, you would always get the rewards, but they may be converted to gold.

In the COF I don’t know if the game just tries to pick a random chest, so you may have lost it.

Odds on needing 45 gems is 2%! I once (long time ago)had it 3 times in a row and as a bonus three times 30 gems needed in a row. One war did cost me over 300 gems back then, since that bad luck occurred during champing for the team. The odds on a very high jackpot is way higher in comparison with these kind of bad luck strokes, so there are very strange negative results to say it in a normal way.

But the algorithm used we don’t know, it’s a black box for us. Maybe the odds on success decrease when you often use gems to continue opening, who knows?

I am a person helping his team by continuing to open to find skulls. But last couple of times it becomes just too much, the odds on failures is no longer just 25%, at least it feels that way. When you need to open more than half of the chests with gems on first attempt, it’s obvious that either some are very unfortunate or the algorithm is incorrect. I don’t understand why this same mechanism is used during conquest. A few skulls will not make the difference. Remove them there, it’s just leading to irritation.

There was a period that we spend 100-200 gems per season, but we found enough compensating gems inside legendary chests, so it didn’t really hurt at all. But nowadays we get just a few of them and get uber chests with non exciting items. Honestly if there was a choice, I would replace those uber chests by legendary ones with high chance to find gems instead. 

Even with some extra luck from using Pro Items as Skull Set, I still have to pay 45 gems several times per season if I want to find that war skull chest. 75% chance really seems to not be real sometimes 

It’s also important to notice that only the first chest has increased chance to be found, doesn’t matter if it’s reward or skull!

So at the start, when there are 3 rewards and 3 skulls, we have 25% chances of finding one of the skulls:

After finding one of them, with 3 rewards and only 2 skulls left, we have 40% chances of finding one of the skulls:

And after finding 2 of them, with 3 rewards and only 1 skull left, we now just go back to the same 25% chances of finding the skull

You would expect that, everytime you find a skull on the Chamber, your chances of finding the rewards are increasing, since there are less chests with skulls after that, but they are not! 

I still have hope that, even with them ignoring all feedback about it since it was introduced to the game, one day War Skulls will be removed from the Chamber of Fortune.
I just don’t understand how they think it’s OK to let/force us to directly buy extra score 

Yeah, if it’s too ‘difficult’ to program a whole new skull-points-system (higher ranking gives higher skulls), they can just change those numbers to just give 100% chance to get the skulls in the first chest. 

This just proves what we always felt: it’s not 75% success in the first try and it does not improve after that.

Are there other things in the overview? This total is just 60.8%. That would mean 41.11% chance on failure (25/60.8%). It must be a display bug, since we either get skulls or that laughing skull during opening cof after a war raid. 

You calculation is correct, that’s the way Lisa also explained. We indeed wear pro items, so the odds should be actually higher than 75% chance. But the actual results show us, it’s not even close to 75%.

Yes, there are also gray, green and blue items rarities above the purple one, they complete the total 100%

I have never understand why in my case when I open the chest Number 4 I obtain always 4/5 success. So for me its more than 80% success rate during War for skulls. I have never spend any gems to open them.However outside during normal raid maybe more below. Rarely I can open 3 of them but the majority of time 2 of them. The chest number 4 give me always at least 1 chest after a raid. So that why in COF I open the chest 4

However I hate this feature since day 1. After you have try the one in Olympus Rising. RR2 COF its just horrible. Olympus Rising give 3 chest always because its 1 key by laurel get. There we have a celestial bonus who offer a 4 key. So 4 chest on 6. So that why we can get easily 5-8 gems each 10 raids

I still hope one day Flare will revamp the COF in RR2 and rebuilt it totally and allow us to get 3 chest on 6

Here one screenshot I take in OR. Hope one day RR2 will give the same rewards and allow us to appreciate more doing raids. its probably the reason why i don’t play much outside events