Feedback on latest Ninja Event 20160923

Hoping to get some feedback about what others think of this 3rd evolution of the event.  Here’s what I found.  

* still tower placement near gate
* spire tower on Cursed island incredibly perked on health and at gate
* board 11 or 12 designed to weed out people
* end boards are manageable so far, towers at gate are still annoying, but more forgiving towards end
* ninja’s always spawn at the gate while you’re solo trying to kill stupid towers, stop that.

Please, let’s work on less towers at gate, seems you need a maxed perked SB just to stand a chance on some.

Also, if the gate is boosted, please add a purple ring around it.  We at least get this level of information during war and normal raids and it changes what we bring to the gate.  Oh, did I mention well timed ninja’s at the gate when you _need_ to solo is lame, yeah it is :stuck_out_tongue:   Here’s my vote to stop that.

What is a spire tower ?

I’ll be keeping my firestorm sonic blast combo then.


Frost tower war boost, fully perked.  FS and SB are pretty key IMO.

That what I use in the last event, Got me first place. Thanks for the heads up.

spire tower = frozen spire 

None of the gates are boosted.

the real name of this event is gate iower event…forget the ninjas


I don’t know if it’s just me, but I always look at the map before attacking in the Ninja event. Trying to see what and how many towers around the gate. A few times the maps were not right.

Alysea - yes the gates are not boosted, and therefore placing so many boosted towers around gate is simply meant to ensure there are many who fail. I am amazed a company would purposely set up levels in hopes people will fail regardless of how much they try and pay to win. If Flare wants people to get frustrated to the point they quit the game, then mission accomplished.

To be honest this is a pay to fail event. Nothing can be more frustrating than to have a tower to fail to go down with 1HP left signifying your failure in the event (yes - we all play for 100%). To see folks who missed a tower earlier on have more coins than because of the progressive coins for levels is even more frustrating.

Every player is spending gems on speed up, scrolls, revives, CoF. I understand the competitive nature meaning there should be a points system that will determine placement. But missing one tower in my tier takes me from 11 Uber chests and 7500 pearls and leaves me with 3 legendary chests, 1 epic, and 1000 pearls. How exactly is that fair to a player who also spent 1-2K gems to rank? Many of the gems spent are on CoF anyways.

The logic was that too many players were getting first place - so lets remove the doom gate so less people get first. Brilliant - now more players will get garbage for rewards. How horrible is it that 12 people succeeded in their tier - lets do something to ensure less people succeed. I mean, how can a company live with itself knowing 12 people are happy with the way the event turned out for them.

This event has nothing to do with skill - if you want it to be so, remove CoF and the ability to scroll and revive.

This event has to do with pressuring players to spend gems and get next to nothing in return. Reminds me of going to the carnival. Its all about ensuring you don’t have happy customers in the end.

I missed a tower. It really sucks. The event is over for me in my eyes. Should I continue to spend an additional 1000 gems to secure next to nothing for rewards?

Anyways, I’m done waiting for the events to get better. I’m pretty sure feedback will only be taken back to see what can be done to squeeze more gems out of folks.

To those who succeeded in securing first this ninja season - congratulations.

I got perfect score again, so no complaint from me about tower gate.Its manageable, but little bit annoying and so much heart attacks.

But overall, rewarding system still bad.Reward players better and they wont mind the gate towers fail so much.Look at Stogg, the main reason for his comment is rewarding system, not gate tower.


Agreed, shouldn’t be called the Ninja event, but the “Don’t destroy the gate before towers event.” Very lazy coding by the developers. 3rd time for the event and still the hardest thing about it is not winning the battle too fast. Ridiculous. Like telling the allies don’t win WWII too fast. Makes no sense, isn’t fun, but is irritating. Does Flare think people play games and pay money to be irritated? Rather than come up with something original and challenging about the event and spending time coding it, lets just plop towers by the gate. How about a island or two where no player boosts are allowed? Or islands where you can only fight with certain types of troops? Or islands where you have 90 seconds to take the gate down? Or an island where you can only fight with your king? Do something different!

Towers by gates is just lazy and lame.

Only 1 ninja if you finished lower than rank 10?  :open_mouth: I could care less but WTF!

Ninja no.3, my thoughts:


  1. CD change is quite good in my opinion, I really like it.


  1. Towers at the gate event … I don’t try to say there should be no towers at all but if the whole base is a piece of cake and you raid with no problems and with 1:30 minute you are at the gate because it was so super easy and then at the gate you need to use insta troops or even scroll to take down all towers because there is no way to do it just with spells and  troops, there is certainly something wrong with the whole idea of base difficulty.

The most essential things in my opinion to take down all towers at the gate is firestorm, sonic blast, insta cannons and armagedon scroll. To me personally, it was very insulting when with 1:30 min at the gate, after using all spells and insta cannons I still was not able to take down all towers and was basically forced to scroll with armagedon.

  1. Still no changes with the rewarding system, places 2-10 doesn’t even exist in most cases, please take care of it eventually.


  1. Don’t like the fact that coin count per island increases - make it the same for all islands. Why ? A player who scores 99% on the first base will lose less skulls than a player who scores 99% on last base. It shouldn’t be like that as logically thinking, 99% on harder base should be rewarded more coins as it was more difficult to achieve than 99% on lower islands. Then, at the leaderboard, players will have better score then me by 2, 10, 100 coins, only because they missed a tower on easier base than me. No logic.

If you happen to reward each island with the same number of coins you at the same time need to change rewarding system as more players will get same scores.

Nope, level 21 was boosted. And there it immediately resulted in a crash.

I would make it different. Let raid go on until either 100% is scored or time expired or hero died and didn’t revive.

Give seconds left as bonus coins. That’s how you force a tiebreaker.

I know… Some will literally scroll constantly and use poison spell with timewarp and whatsoever (die on purpose and revive for extra scrolls) to keep a lot of seconds left, but… isn’t this what flare wants us to do? Spend as many gems as possible?

If that’s not the case, then prohibit revival and use of time warp plus poison spell for time warp. It’s way more fair than coins in cof. Payers will get them all anyway, unless they have a crash. So time left as bonus is way more fair.

Hi- first of all thumbs up to FG for staying on with ninja event and bringing positive changes even after a huge backlash. Although it’s not near perfect, but some more suggestions can be incorporated.

First of all a positive change was grouping of islands. Definately, it’s a move all players will like.

now my suggestions is the uber chest should vary according to the tier.

If you are providing 3 uber chests in the entire course of  24 island and 6 ships similarly across the tiers, higher tiered players with higher difficulty will fail to get the 3rd chest (most of them). In comparison a player who has dropped his trophy down and is in an easier tier will get his 3 uber chest. Now, the rewards in higher is only good if you come first in the event, or the ninja level. 

How about

1. tier up to 4000- 3 uber chests

  1. 4000-4500- 4 uber chests

  2. 4500-5000- 5 uber chests

  3. 5000-5000- 6 uber chests

and so on in increments of one.

the advantage here is players will be tempted to be in a higher tier and not drop down for getting the uber chest. The final reward can still be the same.

for example all ships can have uber. Later some islands also can have uber chest.

Also, the number of attempts should be reconsidered. You are punishing players who are active. You lose a higher level, you should have an attempt to change your troops and spell and try again. 


Any other suggestions?

Why not give us 33 attacks for the 30 islands? At least then we have some chance to improve our attacks because of your ‘Tower-Gate-Death’ nonsense.

I agree with the number of attempts. Practically there will be many players who have done COF coin-picking and used scrolls to kill every tower, and there will be massive ties for first. And the unlucky member who missed one tower gaining 70 coins less will be stuck with 15th place and 1 ninja.

Mostly I agree with the Uber Chests, but the trouble is you will get better rewards if you stay in the top league. 16 uber chests make 3 seem like nothing really.

Hope flare takes the suggestions into account.

Make a real story (an animation when we beat the last ship to see what did the villain wanted to do)

Give us 32 attacks if there is any crash.