Feedback on the feedback for the conquest ;)

Hi there,

Today the devs and I set together to talk through the major complaints and suggestions and feature requests by the community. I initially planned to get back to the threads and ideas itself, but because there were quite many of them I decided this is the best way to do so :slight_smile:

Not all of the changes that we want to do will make it into the new version directly, some will take longer to implement and maybe we have to make some changes to the things mentioned below once more, but I will keep you in the loop about all the changes that will make it into each new version.

With this post, my main goal is to update you about your ideas and to address some issues and concerns (our answers in red).

Let’s start with the addressing the issues:

  • bug to see who else is on the map - will be fixed with new version

  • Wisdom costs are too high - we agree with this and will look into it

  • Not enough pro crystals in the chests received - we agree with this and will look into it

  • there shouldn’t be enchanted rewards, only pro rewards - we agree with this and will look into it

  • scheduling: too long - We are looking into this  // conquest too often:  -We will continue to aim for a monthly conquest.

  • Time zone (conquest starts in the middle of the night in some regions):- Currently the conquest starts during the day so we can monitor issues that may appear and address them immediately if need be. But at some point in the future, we aim to have the same start as alliance wars. This will still take some time though.

  • university not showing all costs: - will be fixed

  • matchmaking: We agree that the matchmaking was not ideal for the second conquest, but with the third and upcoming conquests, we think the system will be automatically better balanced. However, we will continue to monitor this closely. As a side note: We had simulations running taking ranks, number of alliance members etc into account for such a matchmaking. The simulation resulted in a more imbalanced conquest. Also, bear in mind that basing the score on alliance members could be exploited.

Let’s continue going through your ideas:

  • 10 % cooldown / +20 troops tech tree: -we will look into updating the tech tree and storage capacities

  • increase alliance gold reward: - We will for now not increase this reward but will look into lowering the costs according to alliance level.

  • orders should send notifications to players: -we will look into adding this as a mailbox feature

  • better tile number system: - we will have a new system in the new version, which should make it easier to find certain tiles

  • donate all resources button should flash when resources are ready to be donated: - we will have a thought about this. We agree that this would be a nice feature to have

  • showing conquest score (tier) of every alliance  - not a priority at this point, maybe a nice to have in the future

  • rewards for skulls - Here we disagree. We will not implement such a feature.

  • suggestion of a conquest event - We hope to have such events soon and it is defo on our roadmap.

  • “In case of a tie, first team reaching that score will have the advantage and gets the higher position” - This can be done, but it is not a priority at the moment.

  • Option to correct the tower guard - exploitable, will not be done

  • Overpower of high-rank alliances regarding Trophies Skulls + Supreme Victory count stopped ticking - This is a valid concern. We have to think about it. We will keep you in the loop.

-Report that shows each clan members activity for the conquest - Something like this was on our roadmap, but it needed to be moved to an upcoming version

  • unproductive tiles/ more tile options / random tiles giving gems or wisdom / gem mine in the middle of a map - There were some great ideas in the forums. We loved reading those. We also have some ideas of our own here. The implementation will take some time, however, but it is defo something on our roadmap.

  • creating a test server: not feasible

  • We will think about adding conquest score for exploration and for winning wars.

I hope you like to get some direct feedback from the devs regarding your conquest concerns and ideas. Once the more concrete plans for each new version are done, I will make sure to keep you updated.

I will open a thread now in the general discussion section for this post to be discussed :grinning:

You can discuss it here:

See you in the forums,